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  1. Can you give a example of the path name? Do you mean where the files are located in OSC?
  2. No I have not since I don't know how to add the price break columns.
  3. Will do, so like you said, there is no way to base the reference off of the products_id instead of products_name. Damn ! I thought it would simply be to change the reference, where ever that is, to look for the specific column id. Is there a doc written about adding new columns for import and export of EP .txt file that you could point me to? Thanks for the reply!
  4. I have posted 2 different posts in the Contrib forum but no replies, so after reading a few other easypopulate topics, I sough that this is the SUPPORT topic for EP. Sop here is my question: I have a store to sell Motorcycle parts. I have installed EP 2.74 on OSC2.2MS2 and it works fine. My problem is, several bikes can have the same item on it. the way this is setup in OSC is: EX: Product model CTL-0023 Product name 2000-2004 Honda CBR600RR Here is the problem. this part can fit on several other bikes. Hence, the product model is the same but the product name is different (to indicate the model of bike it fits on). When I upload a EP .txt file that has product model # matching and existing product, it does not add the new item, it updates the existing on. So my questions is, can EP be setup to to looks for a products_id instead of the Products_name column to add/update items ? Also, I need to add more columns, specificaly for individual product shipping and the columns for the Price Break mod. Can this also be done? I sough in the EP 2.74 that it states it does not support Price Break Mod, why is that? Thanks, and I hope this time I'm posting in the correct forum. Later! P.S.: Where can I donate for this mod? If I can make this work, that would be definitly a donation support for this mod!
  5. Hi all, I am trying to get the easy populate to work but it's not downloading all the columns especialy for the price break mod. Can anyone help me with this? the EP ver 2.74 says NO support for Price Break Mod, but I'm wondering why...?!? Thanks again.
  6. Why is no one replying to my post? Am I posting in the wrong forum?
  7. npereira

    Easy populate

    Please I need help on this, I basicaly want to add 1 column " products_id " and base the functions for add or update on this column, because this column is alway unique..... right?
  8. npereira

    Easy populate

    Anyone have any ideas on how to solve my dicrepencies?
  9. Ok, got it working but when someone orders 2 of the same product, it's putting the shipping cost twice. I want to add it only once for that product no matter how many of that product is ordered. Not sure if this is duable but I was just asking. Nelson
  10. Does anyone have this mod working with the Price Break Mod? All is ok, but the shipping cost is not getting added to the invoice. Need help, Thanks ! Nelson
  11. npereira

    Master Products - MS2

    That's great ! It worked. :P Thanks a MILLION ! LOVE your contribution, GREAT WORK !
  12. npereira

    Master Products - MS2

    If I set it to 1, then I get a QTY drop down box when viewing the article + the slaves under neith?!?
  13. npereira

    Master Products - MS2

    I have a question. I installed Master Product, although, when putting slaves against masters with 0 in QTY for the master, the product shows the Out of Stock red message bellow the descriptions, but the slaves have stock. Basicaly, I have a Black T-Shirt (master) with a price and QTY of 0. Then I have 3 slaves of this for Medium, Large and Xlarge. They all have theyr specific QTY set, and the drop down menu of the slaves indicate the QTY left. But I still get the red marking of Out of Stock. Hwy is that? Thanks for your Help.
  14. npereira

    paypal payment

    when someone uses paypal, it does not put the total in the paypal field. How do you do this? Thanks NP