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  1. Attila Elmacigil

    Swift Mailer

    Hi all I have a problem with Swift Mailer version 5.0.3, Server OS: Linux 2.6.18-348.1.1.el5 HTTP Server: Apache PHP Version: 5.3.18 (Zend: 2.3.0) Database: MySQL 5.0.95 OSCommerce V. When I try to send email from admin side or front page side I have a fault code like at below Fatal error: Call to undefined method ReflectionClass::newInstanceArgs() in /var/www/vhosts/............./httpdocs/catalog/includes/classes/SwiftEmailer/classes/Swift/DependencyContainer.php on line 311 I have copy also at local host and it is working, there is no problem with it Server OS:Wampserver (32 bits & PHP 5.4) 2.4 Apache : 2.4.4 MySQL : 5.6.12 PHP : 5.4.16 PHPMyAdmin : 4.0.4 SqlBuddy : 1.3.3 XDebug : 2.2.3 Please advice to me what can I do for solving this problem.
  2. Hi, Great admin system, I have installed it on my store but there is some problem after and it doesnt work now. Please advice me. problem is application_top.php 1327 - Undeclared variable: All SELECT SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS p2c.categories_id, p.*, pd.* , m.manufacturers_name, m.manufacturers_id FROM manufacturers m, products p, products_description pd, products_to_categories p2c WHERE m.manufacturers_id=p.manufacturers_id AND p.products_id = pd.products_id and pd.language_id = 2 AND p.products_id = p2c.products_id and p2c.categories_id = 0 ORDER BY p.products_last_modified ASC LIMIT 0 , All [TEP STOP]
  3. Attila Elmacigil

    Quick price updates working with SPPC

    I have found a solition if you change the code bellow PHP Code: if (isset($_GET['row_by_page'])) { $row_by_page = (int)$_GET['row_by_page']; } if (isset($_GET['manufacturer'])) { $manufacturer = (int)$_GET['manufacturer']; } if (isset($_GET['sort_by'])) { $sort_by = $_GET['sort_by']; } if (isset($_GET['page'])) { $page = $_GET['page']; } To foreach($_POST AS $key => $value) { ${$key} = $value; } foreach($_GET AS $key => $value) { ${$key} = $value; } it is working
  4. Attila Elmacigil

    Quick price updates working with SPPC

    Thanks greasemonkey Now If I want to change the price by hand at table is ok. But When I try to i.e. (+1, -3, +5%, -7%) preiew dosn't change the prices and also price update button cant change the prices. Regards Attila
  5. Attila Elmacigil

    Quick price updates working with SPPC

    OSC2334 prices do not change when pressing the preview button, regardless of what is in the textbox, i.e. (+1, -3, +5%, -7%) All of these options just revert the price boxes to their original prices at the live or localhost Attila Elmacigil