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    I am totally new ... but that does not mean you can not overcome

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  1. angelxz

    [Contribution] Documents Manager

    excuse what happened is that I do not speak English .. I'm doing everything possible to make
  2. angelxz

    [Contribution] Documents Manager

    Hi I have a picture and I put on a page but without straying from the index or center of the page as I aria in this case my version is 2.3.3
  3. angelxz

    [Contribution] Documents Manager

    hello good afternoon ... I will help in this problem.?? I would add an additional page to upload new to osCommerce uses an image with some imformacion .. My version is 2.3 .. if I can help I would appreciate
  4. angelxz

    [Contribution] Documents Manager

    I know that I have no experience of php programmer and much less just am a person who needs to mount their website but with low income. so I'm asking for help o:)
  5. angelxz

    [Contribution] Documents Manager

    ok but then could you give me a link where you can download the version 2.3.3 and contribution to not want to seem lazy .. what happens is that I have more than two months looking and find nothing. Please be of much help. :'(
  6. angelxz

    [Contribution] Documents Manager

    is very important please help and sorry if I upset :'(
  7. angelxz

    [Contribution] Documents Manager

    ok thank you very much .. But there will be some way to adapt its response to 2.3.3 will be helpful
  8. angelxz

    [Contribution] Documents Manager

    this contribution was installed in my shop .. but when open the manager gives me the following error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function tep_get_version () in C: \ Program Files \ AppServ \ www \ catalog \ admin \ includes \ header.php on line 20 please could help me solve this problem .. they are grateful . . :'(
  9. angelxz

    OSC PDF Catalogue 2.1

    voy a utilizar ese paquete... me guiare mediante sus aporte... :thumbsup:
  10. angelxz

    Uploading and attaching PDF Files

    hola tengo este paquete pero en lainstalacion solo dice que es para agregar una imagen.. soy totalmente nuevo en esto