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  1. wiseword@alice.it

    Gift Certificate Version 0.9 Checkout_Process Error

    i am having the same problem. Emails work great, certificates are in my sql db but return a 0 value when used at check out. PLEASE......SOMEBODY give us some help here. I really need this module.
  2. wiseword@alice.it

    [Contribution] Discount Coupon Codes

    This is a wonderful contribution. The only pity: it does not allow entering multiple discount codes in case a customer has more than one. I need to give discounts for various reasons and need this possibility. So I copied the entire module and changed all instances of coupon to coupon2 and coupons to coupons2. It is installed nicely with no errors UNTIL I try to modify the coupon I created in section 2 (the new second module) Maybe i missed something on my changes. A lot of double checking- anyone have any idea where the problem might be. The code I create is in my sql table but does not get saved in admin. And..........nothing gets calculated at checkout so maybe the code needs to be modified at checkout process to process the two together rather than separately. (or maybe this has to do with the first error) I am not a php programmer so obviously copying the mod rather than rewriting is my only option. I'm hoping there is an easy fix for this somehow. Would be nice for a lot of people who need to give special pricing to someone who may already have a discount to use.
  3. wiseword@alice.it

    [Contribution] Gift Certificates Module 0.68

    Yes that's what you do. You can also make a little mod to the checkout process (which I did) and insert an additional line so the email will go out in case you name your attribute something else other than Send Email, such as Inviare Email. My site has 4 languages. Note: I also modified the email sending since I accept wire transfers and you certainly don't want the link going out while you wait for payment. So, the email comes to my store with all that's necessary to forward to both the recipient and customer once payment is cleared. However, I can't get the value to work. Returns 0. Is your module actually working and deducting the correct amount from the purchases? I also don't know how to configure imagemagick so the image doesn't get produced.
  4. wiseword@alice.it

    Gift Certificates Module Quick Help

    Just put attributes where the purchaser selects prices (determined by you ie: 15.00, 20.00, 25.00, 100.00 ecc) Unfortunately in your catalog you will see the iniital price you entered on the main page. You could set this at an intermediate price and allow the customer to increase or decrease.
  5. Hm. Mine alwasy returns 0 value .......so it is not cacluating at all, as though it can't find any certificate.
  6. wiseword@alice.it

    Gift Certificate Version 0.9 Checkout_Process Error

    I have the same problem also (although I would love to know how to configure image magick as well since I can't get the image to generate) and my certificte returns a 0 value although in my sql table it is as determined when ordered. 15.00 We would love someone to pass by here and give a hand. PLEASE
  7. wiseword@alice.it

    Girt Certificate Module

    I have this installed and have no errors showing, checkout fine, emails fine, ecc. I'm not sure image magick is setup right, in that it is already on my server. How am I supposed to configure it so the program actually finds it. on my server.........usr/bin Bascially no image is generated or saved in the directory file. Also, if I try to redeme one, it goes through as 0 value and results as redemed in my sql table. PLEASE HELP. I REALLY LIKE THIS MODULE AND I DON'T BELIEVE THE PROBLEM IS THAT COMPLICATED.
  8. wiseword@alice.it

    [Addon} Modular Front Page

    yes, sorry i just read through pages until I found it. And fixed the problem through myphadmin Thanks soooo much. A wonderful module. I also added another to do custom text on a separate news feed page! Now both are working perfectly.
  9. wiseword@alice.it

    [Addon} Modular Front Page

    This is the line in question. I have tried changing things and it does have various effects....doesn't work though $body_text .= constant( 'MODULE_FRONT_PAGE_TEXT_MAIN_' . strtoupper( $language ) ) . PHP_EOL; What do I need to change here so that it picks up my other language files?
  10. wiseword@alice.it

    [Addon} Modular Front Page

    HI, I installed only the main text module and it works fine, except when I click on my various languages, (English is OK) Note: I copied the same files into the languages English into the other languages. In admin panel all is well. It is only the catalog that shows an error and my text does not appear. This is the error: . Warning: constant() [function.constant]: Couldn't find constant MODULE_FRONT_PAGE_TEXT_MAIN_ITALIAN in C:\xampp\htdocs\xampp\osc\catalog\includes\modules\front_page\text_main.php on line 39 I can't figure out what I did wrong or what needs to be changed