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  1. Im having exactly the same issue as Kosbau, in that I just get a AJAX loading circle and when I click any buttons I just get a constant loading bar. I suspect to do with a wrong path somewhere but I cant find out where. Heres the relevant code. Note that Ive changed the admin address to protect the site; <div id="opiContainer" style="position:relative"> <!--help dialog--> <div id="opiHelpDialog" class="opiDialog" title="Product Image Help"> <div class="content"> <h2>OsC Product Image Module<br /><small><a href="http://blog.lokamaya.net" target="_blank">By: zaenal/lokamaya</a></small></h2> <dl> <dt>Image List</dt> <dd> <ul> <li>You can <b>sort</b>, <b>preview</b> and <b>remove</b> product's images.</li> <li>Sort the image by draging it, the <i>first one</i> will become default image. And don't forget to <i>save your work</i> by clicking <b>save</b> button.</li> </ul> </dd> <dt>Upload Image</dt> <dd> <ul> <li>Extension allowed: .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png</li> <li>After successfully uploading file, the image will be added to product image list automagically. But you still need to save your work by saving the main product form (click button <b>save</b>) .</li> </ul> </dd> <dt>Browse Server</dt> <dd> <ul> <li>Browse the image directory from server.</li> <li>Click on <b>add</b> button to add that image to the product.</li> <li>Click on <b>trash</b> button will remove the image from server.</li> </ul> </dd> </dl> </div> </div> <!--upload dialog--> <div id="opiUploadDialog" class="opiDialog" title="Upload Image"> <div class="content"><div class="contentWrap"> <form name="opiUploadForm" action="http://mysite.co.uk/myadminaddress/opi_productimage.php?action=upload" method="post" target="opiUploadFrame" enctype="multipart/form-data"> <input type="hidden" name="opi_rename" value="" /> <div class="dlLeft"><ul id="uploadPreview"> <li id="uploadPreviewImage"> <span> IMAGE PREVIEW <i>not available</i> <b>upgrade your browser!</b> </span> </li> <li id="uploadPreviewInfo">-</li> </ul></div> <div class="dlRight"><dl class="dlcentered"> <dt>Server Directory:</dt> <dd> <select name="opi_folder" id="opi_folder_upload" title="Select Directory"></select> </dd> <dt>Choose File:</dt> <dd> <input type="file" accept="image/*" name="opi_upload" id="opi_upload" title="File to Upload" /> </dd> </dl> <div class="loader"><span></span></div></div> </form> </div></div> </div> <!--create directory dialog--> <div id="opiDirectoryDialog" class="opiDialog" title="New Directory"> <div class="content"><div class="contentWrap"> <form action="http://mysite.co.uk/myadminaddress/opi_productimage.php?action=createDirectory" method="post" name="opiDirectoryForm"> <br /><br /><dl class="dlcentered"> <dt>Server Directory:</dt> <dd> <select name="opi_folder" id="opi_folder_new" title="Select Directory"></select> </dd> <dt>New Directory:</dt> <dd> <input type="text" name="opi_directory" id="opi_directory" title="Directory Name" /> </dd> </dl> </form> <div class="loader"><span></span></div> </div></div> </div> <!--browse dialog--> <div id="opiBrowseDialog" class="opiDialog" title="Browse Image"> <div class="content"><div class="contentWrap"> <form action="http://mysite.co.uk/myadminaddress/opi_productimage.php?action=browseFiles" method="post" name="opiBrowseForm"><input type="hidden" name="page" id="opi_page_browse" value="1" /> <dl class="dlcentered"> <dd> <select name="opi_folder" id="opi_folder_browse" title="Select Directory"></select> </dd> </dl> <div style="clear:both"></div> </form> <div class="loader"><span></span></div> <div> <ul id="opiImageBrowse" class="opiImageListing"></ul> <div style="clear:both"></div> </div> </div></div> </div> </div> <script type="text/javascript"> <!-- var oscProductImageHelper = { sessionLife: 1440000, cleanup: false, ajaxURL: 'http://mysite.co.uk/myadminaddress/opi_productimage.php', imageURL: {path:'http://mysite.co.uk/images/', relative:'products/', medium:'http://mysite.co.uk/images/thumbs/def/adminpreview/', small:'http://mysite.co.uk/images/thumbs/def/adminthumb/', transparent:'images/pixel_trans.gif'}, privileges: {directory:1,deletes:1}, language_id:'1', products_images: 'SRB50.jpg', allowedExtensions: 'gif|jpg|jpeg|png', buttons: {add:'Add', back:'Back', cancel:'Cancel', close:'Close', confirm:'Confirm', create:'New Directory', deletes:'Delete', oke:'Ok', preview:'Preview', remove:'Remove', save:'Save', submit:'Submit', upload:'Upload', xBrowse:'Browse Server', xHelp:'Help', xUpload:'Upload Image'}, labels: {add:'Add to Product', create:'Create New Directory', dirBrowse:'Browse Directory', dirNew:'New Directory', dirTarget:'Target Directory', deletes:'Delete from Server', preview:'Preview Image', remove:'Remove from Product', tips:'* Drag the image to short', page:'Page', of:'of', from:'From', files:'files', pleaseSelect:'Select:'}, messages: { unknown: 'Unknown error', confirm_remove: 'Remove this image from current product?', confirm_delete: 'Delete this image from server?', success_upload: 'Success: Image has been uploaded successfully', success_create: 'Success: New directory has been created', success_delete: 'Success: Image has been deleted from server', error_not_exist: 'Error: Directory does not exist.', error_not_writable: 'Error: File/directory is not writeable', error_not_readable: 'Error: directory does not exist/readable', warning_empty_folder: 'There is no image in this directory', error_delete_global: 'Can not delete image: file is not writeable or not found', error_delete_empty: 'Can not delete image: file is not writeable or not found', error_delete_in_use: 'Can not delete image: image still in use by other products', error_delete_privilege: 'You have no privilege to delete image', error_select_directory: 'Please select target directory', error_file_empty: 'Please select file to upload', error_file_extension: 'Extension not allowed', error_create_privilege: 'You have no privilege to create new directory', error_create_exist: 'Directory already exists', error_create_empty: 'Directory name is empty or less than 4 characters', error_create_alphanumeric: 'Only alphanumeric, dash and underscore are allowed for directory name', error_create_lowercase: 'Directory name must be in lowercase', error_create_character: 'Directory name should not be started with dash or underscore' } }; //--> </script> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="http://mysite.co.uk/ext/jquery/plugins/jquery.oscProductImage.css"></link> <script type="text/javascript" src="http://mysite.co.uk/ext/jquery/plugins/jquery.oscProductImage.js"></script> </div>