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  1. pcwerks

    FedEx - Web Services v9

    First, thank you RoadDoctor for all of your work on this module. I have v9.4.3.1 all working, but fixed one issue and still have another one. First, I think the instructions for the "ship_separately" functionality are incomplete, and/or the code in the includes/modules/shipping/fedexwebservices.php file is wrong. The settings for the module seem to combine the UPS XML "Ready to Ship" and FedEx "Ship_Separately", and the code does the same, but the installation instructions only tell the user how to get the "ship_separately" working (there is a fedexweb.sql.php in the "sql" folder that alters the products table, and it does add the ship_separately field, but not the "ready_to_ship" field, which the code requires when the module option is enabled). I was using the previous FedEx Realtime Quotes, so I already had the ship_separately field in the database, and already had the categories.php changes made, but the shipping module still expected the "ready_to_ship" field in the products table. For anyone else who has this issue, you have two options. 1) manually add the field to the products table 2) In the fedexwebservices.php module file, change the following two lines Around line 181, change $dimensions_query = "SELECT products_ready_to_ship, products_ship_sep, products_weight FROM " . TABLE_PRODUCTS . " To this $dimensions_query = "SELECT products_ship_sep, products_weight FROM " . TABLE_PRODUCTS . " Around line 186, change if ($product_dimensions['products_ready_to_ship'] == 1 || $product_dimensions['products_ship_sep'] == 1) { To this if ($product_dimensions['products_ship_sep'] == 1) { The above changes will tell the code to not even try to find or use the "products_ready_to_ship" column in the products table. I still have one more issue though. In the osCommerce general Shipping options, the "Maximum Weight You Will Ship" variable does work with this FedEx WebServices Module, but "Package Tare Weight" and "Larger Packages - percentage increase" options do not seem to have any effect on this shipping module. Is anyone else having this problem? Or does anyone know what could be affecting it or how to make it work?
  2. pcwerks

    FedEx - Web Services v9

    I just switched from the old fedex module to this new web services module and I wanted to put in a few notes that might help some others. 1) If you were using the previous FedEx module that supported the "products ship separately", and you are using v9.4.1 of this Web Services module, that also supports the "products ship separately", then you do not have to modify the 2 categories.php files in the admin section, and you do not have to modify your database. All of the changes made for both of these modules are the same. 2) If you are running your own Apache server and you get a fatal error on the shipping pages, make sure that you have enabled php_soap.dll module in your PHP.INI file, and also make sure you have enabled the php_openssl.dll module. Also make sure that you have ssleay32.dll and libeay32.dll in your windows\system32 directory. I didn't have the OpenSSL module enabled and the web services module wasn't able to connect to the FedEx HTTPS server because of it. See the following link for more information. http://webponce.com/rants/2008/04/https-support-for-soap-in-php5-under-windows/
  3. pcwerks

    Missing, Duplicate Etc. Order Problems

    I'm having the exact same problem. Did you ever find a solution to this problem? So far it seems that it's only happening when the credit card was denied the first time for some reason.