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  1. dougdevoe

    PayPal WPP Direct Payments & Express Checkout Support

    I was testing my website by sending transactions to Sandbox and everything was working great one day and then the next day I couldn't even get PayPal transaction page to load ..... instead, checkout_payment.php would simply timeout and redirect me back to shopping_cart.php page with the url (http://www.mysite.com/shopping_cart.php?error_message=). Nothing is displayed as an error in the URL line. I have then tracked down where the redirect is happening in "express.php" The line of code that is causing this to occur is: if (($response_array['ACK'] == 'Success') || ($response_array['ACK'] == 'SuccessWithWarning')) { tep_redirect($paypal_url . '&token=' . $response_array['TOKEN'] . '&useraction=commit'); } else { tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_SHOPPING_CART, 'error_message=' . stripslashes($response_array['L_LONGMESSAGE0']), 'SSL')); } break; ----------------------- Can anyone tell me what exactly is causing my problem and why it falls to the "redirect" instead of going to PayPal? I'm new to OsCommerce so simple and easy to understand replies would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for the quick help. Doug
  2. dougdevoe

    Paypal Setup for osCommerce v2.3

    Chris: Thanks for your quick reply to my question as my mind is swimming in confussion over this. :) So a couple of additional questions: 1. When you say "use PayPal Standard" are you referring to my settings on my Paypal account? 2. Where do I find my Certificate Information from Paypal and where do I put that information into osCommerce? In the admin pages? Thanks so much Chris for helping me with this.
  3. dougdevoe

    Paypal Setup for osCommerce v2.3

    I can honestly say that my head is officially spinning in trying to figure out my Paypal setup for osCommerce version 2.3 I have read that ipn.php should be found in /catalog/ ..... well, guess what, I don't see a file by that name there. Then I'm seeing references to \catalog\includes\modules\payment\paypay_ipn.php files .... well, guess what, I don't see a file by that name either. So I'm hoping that someone can provide me a doc, a link or something that FULLY explains the setup of Paypal Standard on osCommerce version 2.3.1 Thanks, Doug
  4. Chris: I have added this add-on today manually. Everything appears to have gone very smoothly. Now, can anyone tell me how to ADD a Product to be a downloaded product? I can't seem to see where this is done. I've looked under Add New Product and looked under Product Attributes and can't seem to figure this out. Sorry in advance if this is a simple request, I'm completely new to the whole osCommerce engine. Thanks in advance for helping me out.