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  1. rob6566

    Header Tags SEO

    I've solved the problem I reported a couple of pages back (my web host flagging this code as malware). I've made changes to the code and it is no longer flagging it as malware. The malware detection software they were using is http://www.rfxn.com/...malware-detect/. The files that it flagged as malware were: admin/includes/functions/header_tags.php and includes/functions/header_tags.php The specific code that it may have thought was a problem: base64_encode(gzdeflate gzinflate(base64_decode I searched for "base64" in both files (there were about 5 instances) and moved those functions over 2 lines to get around the malware detection, eg: Before $cname = ( $gzip == 1 ? base64_encode(gzdeflate($cname, 1)) : $cname ); After: $cname_deflated=gzdeflate($cname, 1); $cname = ( $gzip == 1 ? base64_encode($cname_deflated) : $cname );
  2. rob6566

    Header Tags SEO

    I think it's probably their malware software misidentifying the scripts. I only installed them the day previously, from the most recent update from 20 June. Still no word from the webhost though.
  3. rob6566

    Header Tags SEO

    Hi, I installed the Header Tags SEO yesterday and it seems to be working perfectly. However, this morning I discovered our web host had suspended our account and taken our website offline. After contacting them, they said that they had detected malware and sent me this report (I've removed part of the file path and server name from it): Nov 10 05:45:54 [server_name] maldet(3336): {hexstring} malware hit {HEX}gzbase64.inject.unclassed.14 on /home/[shop_path]/admin/includes/functions/header_tags.php Nov 10 05:47:45 [server_name] maldet(3336): {quar} account [account_name] cpanel suspended Nov 10 05:47:45 [server_name] maldet(3336): {quar} malware quarantined from '/home/[shop_path]/admin/includes/functions/header_tags.php' to '/usr/local/maldetect/quarantine/header_tags.php.16390' Nov 10 05:47:50 [server_name] maldet(3336): {hexstring} malware hit {HEX}gzbase64.inject.unclassed.14 on /home/[shop_path]/includes/functions/header_tags.php Nov 10 05:47:50 [server_name] maldet(3336): {quar} malware quarantined from '/home/[shop_path]/includes/functions/header_tags.php' to '/usr/local/maldetect/quarantine/header_tags.php.24402' I'm using the latest version (20 June 2011) from http://addons.oscomm....com/info/5851/ on osCommerce 2.3 and I used the osCommerce_2.3_or_greater install. Has anyone experienced this problem with includes/functions/header_tags.php and includes/admin/functions/header_tags.php before? Do you have any thoughts as to why this could have been flagged and any way to prevent this? I'm chasing this up with the web host, but I thought I'd check if anyone else had experienced a similar problem. Thanks, Robin
  4. I've installed and can successfully use MultiGeoZone MultiTable Shipping http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8136 to create a lookup table for shipping based on total order weight and location. The problem I have is that our courier charges extra for some bulky items, and I'd like to add an individual shipping surcharge to certain products, hidden to the user, that just shows in the final shipping price. I tried Individual Shipping Prices module (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1333), but this offers users the choice of using either the multigeozone module or the individual prices. I want to just add the individual product shipping price and not give the user a choice. Does anyone know of any modules that allow me to add an individual product shipping surcharge on top of another shipping module? Otherwise, I guess I'll have to hack the multigeozone module to pull in the prices from the individual prices module. Thanks :)