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  1. pantufas_online

    Paypal page opens in checkout_payment

    hi everybody, i need some help again... i've installed the paypal add on...but it has something ist's not right....in my checkout_payment file, when i choose the paypal method instead of going to the next page and just then opens the paypal page...no it opens imediately when i click continue, in the checkout_payment file. what could i possibly did wrong...because i was very carefully putting all the codes in the right places :( does anyone knows, or had the same issue?? Thanks everybody :)
  2. pantufas_online

    Simpleweight addon problem

    thak you all for the help...this is all a bit new for me...and i have some limitations coding yet :( but any way i found my problem... it was in the configuration menu/ shipping/ packaging in "Enter the Maximum Package Weight you will ship"....i had only 100, that's why it wasn't working correctly know all good :)
  3. pantufas_online

    Simpleweight addon problem

    by the way if you know any other contribution which works the way i want please tell me...i've tried others but without any success :( thanks
  4. pantufas_online

    Simpleweight addon problem

    with this option it will alwyas give me 0 euros, whatever the product i insert :(
  5. pantufas_online

    Simpleweight addon problem

    hello! i've installed this add on to charge the shipping products...and the problem is that when i insert products until 90 euros it's ok, but after all the products i insert it starts decreasing the shipping costs... to make it work i found that for 1:0.9091 (for one kilo it costs 0.9091). does anyone had problems or knows how to configure this addon correctly...because my inicial idea was to set this values: 30:30.00,25:25.00,20:20.00,15:15.00,10:10.00 but in this case this addon just worked with products who had 30 in their weight :( very desperate for help.... thanks
  6. pantufas_online

    shipping rates not calculating weight

    Hello! so i've installed the an addon to give a price for a weight for a product... my values are those ones: 30:30.00,25:25.00,20:20.00,15:15.00,10:10.00 but it only add's the price for products with "30", the other products with the other values are not added to the shipping cost on the website... does anyone knows what am i doing wrong?? thanks :)
  7. Hello! i'm working with 2.2 version, and when i insert a product it gives me this...i select de tax rate i have...and then a insert my price for the product, and when i finalize the process it automatically insert plus 20,70 eur (in my case), which is not suposed :( i don't have any idea...does anyone knows, or happened to you? thanks :)
  8. pantufas_online

    problems with login box

    Hello! i've installed the login box into my oscommerce store, on the left column...first it gives me erros because the code is deprecated, but at this moment and even with the errors it works...appears everything. when i start resolving those problems the errors disappears but the name of the user don't appear any more <?php if (tep_session_is_registered('customer_id')) { $info_box_contents = array(); $info_box_contents[] = array('align' => 'left', 'text' => BOX_HEADING_LOGIN_BOX_MY_ACCOUNT); new infoBoxHeading($info_box_contents, true, true); $db=DB_DATABASE; $select="select customers_gender, customers_firstname, customers_lastname from customers where customers_id=\"$customer_id\""; $result=mysql_db_query($db,$select); $res=mysql_fetch_object($result); tep_session_register('customer_id'); the problem is in this 2 lines $result=mysql_db_query($db,$select); $res=mysql_fetch_object($result); hope someone have an idea... thanks :)
  9. pantufas_online

    delete a button after clicked

    Hello... so, i've made the button to disapear when clicked, but the clickable area still's there... does anybody have idea of how can i make that area to stop be clickable?? thanks :)
  10. pantufas_online

    Function split() is deprecated

    can you be more specific... i'm not that good in php :( thanks for your pacience :)
  11. pantufas_online

    Function split() is deprecated

    the same :( i tried all the possibilities and with all it stops working... but thanks anyway...if you have more ideas tell me please, i'll try all :) best regards
  12. pantufas_online

    Function split() is deprecated

    i everybody...Please help well my problem is, i've installed a shipping module and it says "Function split() is deprecated", so far so good, i've replaced by "explode()", after this the error disapears, but my module stops working :( any idea of what am i doing wrong?? thanks