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  1. p5master

    CSS Menu

    Hi problem solved --- in your css code find ---: .suckerdiv ul li ul{ ---Add before }--- z-index:2; in my code this is what I have: /*1st level sub menu style */ .suckerdiv ul li ul{ left: 199px; /* Parent menu width - 1*/ position:absolute; width: 200px; /*sub menu width*/ top:0; display:none; z-index:2; Thanks God!
  2. p5master

    CSS Menu

    Hi Sahil I'm having this problem.... I didn't find any div related to the left_colum or something like that ... here is an example http://www.artigosdcorart.com.br/loja/product_info.php?cPath=83_16_90&products_id=842.... Please let me know if you can help me thanks!
  3. p5master

    CSS Menu

    I not sure if you fixed this already... Anyway in this case all tags <?php>(think in file there are something about 3 or 4 separate tags <?php....?>)must be only one .... what you have to do is place the CSS configuration and the script after or before the ?php tags... hope this helps anyone else
  4. p5master

    jQuery Banner Rotator

    Hi Jim, first great add on you're saving lives! Not sure if you can help me on this, but I need ask you - I installed your add on and it's working perfectly... However I have a CSS menu which expands subcategories to right when mouse is on... exactly where I placed the banner rotator (you can see the menu example at www.artigosdcorart.com.br) Problem is banner rotator overrides the expanded categories, my question: is there any way to set banner to the back or leave it transparently (as we do for shockwave flash - tags <object>)? Thanks much! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jim, pls disregad this - problem solved Thanks!