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  1. Building a new osCommerce site with STS v4. Still a lot to learn, but getting better.

  2. RussPete

    [Contribution] STS v4

    I almost hate asking questions about simple things, but I'm getting very lost. I've read the User Manual until I'm dizzy, but I still can't get the $content$ in a basic page to change. I've either created new product_info.php.html files or made little changes to every product_info.php.html I can find trying to see how to customize the information on each product. I've turned on the "Product Info" option the STS Module in Admin. I've also tried turning on the STS3 compatibility option, still no change. I'm knocking my head against the wall and nothing changes on the page. Are there any basic tutorials or "how to"s on changing the product information? I've tried adding product_info.php.html files in these directories catalog/includes/sts_templates/[i]template_name[/i] catalog/includes/sts_templates/[i]template_name[/i]/content Thanks again for the help, Russ
  3. RussPete

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Documentation change: I have a suggestion to help make the STS User Manual a little more clear. In the 7.1 section on infoboxes where it says Note: Include the name of the infobox filename in the template in the following format: infobox_ infoboxname .php.html I finally found what the possible infoboxname values can be, the file names in the osCommerce catalog\includes\boxes directory. I kept thinking they were the placeholder names for the infoboxes, i.e. category for $categorybox$ or information for $informationbox$. I think it will be more clear if you reference the files names in the catalog\includes\boxes directory. Thanks for a great tool, Russ Petersen