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  1. Hi all, I notice a lot of people are having the issue where they receive the error message YOUR CALCULATED SHIPPING CHARGES HAVE CHANGED error message. This has caused me alot of frustration over the past few days, but I believe I have solved it. The final step of the installation instructions I have state: OPEN catalog/includes/modules/shipping/table.php FIND on line 52: $order_total = $cart->show_total(); REPLACE with this code: //kgt - discount coupons $order_total = $order->info['subtotal']; /************** $order_total = $cart->show_total(); **************/ //end kgt - discount coupons If you are like me, you will more than likely have more than 1 Shipping table, mine are for different locations. I had only applied this code to table.php and not applied to the other table files (in my case table2.php & table3.php) I added this code and since then, the error message has gone. Hopefully this helps some people as I noticed that nobody seemed to have come up with a solution and when people do find a solution, they don't always share with others. All the best Mark
  2. Hi all, Looked through all pages and can't seem to see anything regarding the problem I've got. I'm running 2.2RC2. Had discount coupons 3.34 (file from 19th Feb on contrib page). This has been working perfectly for over 2 years now, then all of a sudden, I send out a discount code to existing customers and have been inundated with messages saying the discount doesn't work. I have tried all existing codes and created new ones to test but nothing, it just goes to the next page on checkout and shows no discount and doesn't give any error message etc. Nothing has been changed with my site for around 2 months and I know it has been working within the last month as I had a promotion on then. Please can anyone offer any help? Could it be anything to do with changes on the server that the host may have made? Thanks in advance all
  3. matc

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Hi all. Would appreciate any help with this. I've installed all new files, edited existing files and run the db query. Everything is installed, yet when I click to edit an order, it gives a 500 internal server error. I'm no expert at these things, but have installed loads of different contributions with no problems. I've gone back and checked what I have edited against what is in the download but still can't see anything wrong. My admin is secured by ssl (the customer pages) so I disabled this to check if this was an issue to no joy - can anyone think what might be wrong that has given this error message ? Thanks in advance