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    Easy Populate Help:)

    To Download Easy Populate go here: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,500. (I can recommend the 2.76d release by surfalot). Then please read the Instructions that come with the package really carefully and install/configure Easy Populate for your shop. For any specific questions that are NOT ALREADY answered in the instructions please go to the Easy Populate Support Thread http://www.oscommerce.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=162244. And no, there is no easier way to mass populate the store then Easy Populate :)
  2. Actually it's possible, but you need to know your way around phpmyadmin, sql and a little php coding. You shouldn't use the extra fields contribution if you still want to use easypopulate to import and export products, as it would be way too complicated to add the new tables to the Easypopulate file. What you need to do: 1. Install surfalot's Easypopulate version 2. Go into phpmyadmin and add the fields you need to the products table, or if you need fields with different languages, add them to the products_description table 3. Edit the Easypopulate file and add your new fields wherever occurrences of the corresponding table's fields are. e.g. search for products_description and add your fields from the products_description table, search for e.g. products_weight and add your fields from the products table. Make sure that you go with the same naming scheme that is used for the existing fields in the easypopulate file. 4. To actually show the fields you need to edit the products_info.php file, add the new fields to the sql-query and do an echo with the field e.g. for the already existing products_weigh field: <?php echo $product_info['products_weight']; ?> That should just work fine if I haven't overlooked anything :)
  3. surfalot, thanks for sending the code for the separator selection. I will add that to "my" Easypopulate tomorrow and I'll let you know how it goes :)
  4. Actually I found out, that it depends on your regional settings in WindowsXP. As I have a German WinXP the list separator is set to a semicolon. I would guess that an English XP has the list separator set to a comma... And that is what Excel expects when opening a csv-file Now I just need to add an option on the Easy Populate admin page to choose the separator on a case by case basis, because my brother is working on the same shop from the US and he has an American XP. Maybe the whole separator thing should be explained in the source code where you set the separator?
  5. nevermind, I solved the problem with the Excel-safe csv-file. I needed to change the separator to ; if ($excel_safe_output == true) { $separator = ";"; } now it works fine :) I'll probably write a Multilanguage version of EP 2.76d-MS2 if I can find the time doing it and if anyone is interested...
  6. hi, i've been using Easy Populate for a long time now and just updated from 2.74-MS2 to the newest 2.76d-MS2 by surfalot because of the Excel-safe output. With regular output as a tab-delimited txt-file surfalot's version works fine, but the Excel-safe output doesn't seem to create properly formatted files. When I open the csv-file with a double click Excel reads all the columns in one column like this: v_products_model,v_products_name_2,v_products_description_2,v_products_image,v_c ategories_name_1,v_categories_name_2,v_categories_name_3,v_categories_name_4,EORE OR It doesn't separate the columns. Any ideas?