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  1. I really like this addon http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5961 for collecting all the info necessary for reporting my monthly state sales tax. HOWEVER, I just figured out that orders that were cancelled and/or refunded are still included in the net and gross totals - thus my tax liability is much higher than it needs to be. :'( Does anyone know of a fix or work around or something so it will excluded the orders that are refunded or cancelled? I don't want to delete the order information completely from the admin side. Thanks.
  2. will this contribution allow me to give 'free shipping' to certain zip codes that I select?

  3. will this contribution allow me to give 'free shipping' to certain zip codes that I select?

  4. businesswoman

    Specials Maintenance - Administration

    I think this may be what I'm looking for, but have a quick question if someone can answer it for me. Will the product(s) I put on special price be added to the "Specials" base in the shopping cart? Do I have to set a specified number of items to put on special or can it be just for a specified time period? Thanks!
  5. RE: Easy Populate - Google Base will soon be requiring tax and shipping prices in the feed. Anyway you can do an update so these attributes are included?


  6. Hi,

    Just installed the slide show addon - http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/6238 - Is there a way to adjust the area that the images show in? Right now it's showing my thumbnails of the last 3 products I added, but the thumbnails look very dwarfted in the space provided. So is there way to either have it use the large/full size images or reduce the space that it displays the thumbna...

  7. Individual product shipping price (using v1.0 contribution) is showing shipping cost on product page. Then at checkout, the shipping price is shown on the checkout page and included in the total due, although there is a delay in it showing up. However, when the pay by PayPal method of payment is selected, the shipping price is NOT included in the amount on the PayPal payment page, only the base price of the item, plus tax (when applicable). Without the shipping cost - I can't process the order. Can someone PLEASE help - we are 'this close' to getting this store live! Has this happened to anyone else? I really like the individual shipping price being displayed on each product page, but really need it to work in PayPal need a fix or if there is an alternative shipping module that allows individual product shipping prices AND works with PayPal - PLEASE let me know ASAP. Thanks. :blink: