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  1. exca


    anyon ecan help me, why cant show image? what wrong v2.2 rc2 this happen: http://nafiashop.com/affiliate_show_banner.php?ref=1&affiliate_pbanner_id=42
  2. exca

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    hellooo i need help it is normal? my product name is "botol asi" i just notice that my url show : http://warung.exalumni.com/product_info.php/botol-p-36 is it normal with "botol-p-36" or can it should show botol-asi-p-36 because same day latter , my web being hack and this day my visitor drop very droppp :( and i need to know if my seo urls 5 include being hack, form url show above
  3. exca


    solve by my self, just dell S from https
  4. exca


    hello anyone get succed? i use this aos affliate, and work well, just i misssss product banner affilate , no show image? anyone succed solve it?
  5. exca

    Article Manager v1.0

    help..i had install this lattest article but on catalog section when open article, on bottom of article , i found this Fatal error: Call to undefined function clean_html_comments() in C:\wamp\www\catalog\includes\modules\article_listing.php on line 66 on admin section, error like if (!$add_related_article_ID) if ($_POST && !$_POST['sort']) { if ($_POST['run_update'] == true) { $query = "DELETE FROM " . TABLE_ARTICLES_XSELL . " WHERE articles_id = '" . $_GET['add_related_article_ID'] . "'"; if (!tep_db_query($query)) { exit(TEXT_NO_DELETE); } } if ($_POST['xsell_id']) { foreach ($_POST['xsell_id'] as $temp) { $query = 'INSERT INTO ' . TABLE_ARTICLES_XSELL . ' (articles_id, xsell_id, sort_order) VALUES (' . $_GET['add_related_article_ID'] . ', ' . $temp . ', 1)'; if (!tep_db_query($query)) { exit(TEXT_NO_INSERT); } } } ?> and when make new category, thiis happen 1366 - Incorrect integer value: '' for column 'sort_order' at row 1 insert into topics (sort_order, parent_id, date_added) values ('', '0', now()) [TEP STOP]
  6. exca

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    help me.. i was intall " Autoinstaller 2.14 for Order Editor' BUT SOMETHING happend. the editor work perfect but why i lost my email function? so when some order and purcahe, they not get email confirmation? an dif i update status order, buyer also miss email update? anyone can help me..??please.... or can help me to reapir my email function. i knew this condition after buyer tell me not receive email i also intall qtpro
  7. exca

    The Feedmachine Solution

    hii im very newbi. i ha dinstall this feed when i push generate , there sukses Google Product Search Simple Configuration ------------ update status: feed updated as part of a force update upload trigger status: feed upload not triggered because feed upload is disabled upload status: feed was not uploaded(0) now, i need explain.. why not upload? and how must tod do? and how to use this feed? must sign on google? or just we left on my web?
  8. sory the problem has been solve. just need to setting image resize for "true"
  9. this my screenshoot there same cutting area on right and buttom side and picture to big i think this becouse crash with my theme but i dont know how to fix, becouse if i use style 3 its fine
  10. heloo, now i very need help you guys. cases : i had install flash on my web case: i try on localhost 1. pure osc v2 rc2 2. modified osc v2 rc2 on case 1, flash worh perfect..i look at kampanya folderm there had image rezise but on case 2. on my index, there wrong dispaly, image not have specifik size, some big some small, and when i look at kampanya folder, there no picture. thi sxml for case 2 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?> <products> <product image="../images/Animal sound puzzle.jpg" Productname="animal sound puzzle" Price="Rp242.000" url="http://localhost/toko/product_info.php?products_id=71&osCsid=60176f5169507c9785412ca2b6049009" /> <product image="../images/4 season saver.JPG" Productname="4 Season Saver" Price="Rp125.800" url="http://localhost/toko/product_info.php?products_id=126&osCsid=60176f5169507c9785412ca2b6049009" /> <product image="../images/Buku Kain mengenal gerak gerik Binatang.jpg" Productname="Buku Kain: Mengenal Gerak-Geri.." Price="Rp44.000" url="http://localhost/toko/product_info.php?products_id=55&osCsid=60176f5169507c9785412ca2b6049009" /> <product image="../images/Naga diseberang pulau.jpg" Productname="Buku Perananku : Naga di seber.." Price="Rp33.000" url="http://localhost/toko/product_info.php?products_id=78&osCsid=60176f5169507c9785412ca2b6049009" /> <product image="../images/animal shaped Swin ring.jpg" Productname="Animal" Price="Rp25.000" url="http://localhost/toko/product_info.php?products_id=70&osCsid=60176f5169507c9785412ca2b6049009" /> <product image="../images/Doaku Hari Ini.jpg" Productname="Buku Perananku Cerita Anak Mus.." Price="Rp33.000" url="http://localhost/toko/product_info.php?products_id=42&osCsid=60176f5169507c9785412ca2b6049009" /> </products> and there cut of dispaly u can see at http://warung.exalumni.com an dif i use style 3, there work perfect but with too small picture anyone can help, i already cmod kampanya folder for 777
  11. solve. sory i miss setting on my catalog :)
  12. haiii... i m new user. i had install this add on download 9 april 09 but, why its not works? just give blank area, no images? oh, i test it on my localhost before intall on my online shop. any one can help me?
  13. haii. thank for you add on robert. and if i can, i need same info and help how to put category quantity? because the old category had that? your pop up work perfect, i just need still had product quantity like: food (30)----fastfood (14) Fruits (16) thank before for anyone can help me
  14. hai, i need add on, i need help from you :) i need add on like this for product prize: i had product discount like bruto= $100. special $20 so th eprice will $80 and second for same product price be $120 and special discount 10 so the price nett $110 i ned for first case, the price just until 30 nov after that th eprice and dciount will follow case rule 2 anyone know which add on is suitable??? thanks
  15. exca

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    yes, i wanna to replace v.84 to v 1.17, i had download it, but i dontknow how to uninstall v0.84, because when i runs intall, still 1 warning "....At least one of the configuration values already exists! ..." and i cant find where i must change :(