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  1. bos, untuk masalah price 1 digit. ini solusinya. elo di includes/function/ general.php

    di function tep_round yang titik dijadiin koma

  2. flashtor

    photo gallery for oscommerce

    hi Matt, i have same problems with the uploading files, i try to upload a photo in my webhosting ( not in my localhost ) but it keep direct me to the log me out and direct me to the login page. i think the other 2 people above have the same problems, can you help us about this bug ?
  3. hi, i've read all the instructions and also almost all the posts in this thread, but i still didnt found the solutions. the images ( small and pop up ) didnt show up. this is my link : http://www.tdr-racing.com/mitra2000/shop/index.php i'm using oscommerce 2.2 MS.2, support GD2 i tried at my localhost, and it work... and i dont know why it doest work at my hosting server. thx for support...
  4. flashtor

    [Contribution] Extra Fields

    thx, for reply but i dont turn on the SE friendly URLs in my control panel, it's still false. i'm confuse, may it be the problem about my apache,mysql, php setting ? also if i click at the green icon ( normally at red icon ). it will show :
  5. flashtor

    [Contribution] Extra Fields

    hello, i'm using my localhost ( using wamp ) HTTP Server: Apache/2.0.55 (Win32) PHP/5.1.2 PHP Version: 5.1.2 (Zend: 2.1.0) Database: MySQL 5.0.18-nt i just installed the extra_fields_v2_0i, and i found that the code <? echo .. must replace to <?php echo .. in admin/product_extra_fields.php. i'm a newbie- i found that problem, but dont know the reason why (some body explain to me ? ) the next problem that i can't solve when i add new field e.g : years : it didn't showed in that page (admin/product_extra_fields.php) , but it was saved at database and show at product_info.php everything work normally except it didn't show any field name at admin/product_extra_fields.php. so it is not possible for me to update / delete the old field name that i have added. i wish somebody can help me to solve this problem
  6. I'm using Per Item Per State (PIPS) Shipping Module. It's so perferct to me till' i need something different from that module. is it possible to me to modify it from "Per Item Per State" to "Per Kilo(weight) Per State" ? I mean, i want to count the shipping cost by total weight + state. for example : shipping will new york and total weight is 5 kilogram. for each kilogram, it will cost 1 dollar and shipping to new york will cost 5 dollar. so the total will be 10 dollar. How can i change that module ? tq and sorry for my bad english.