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  1. I can't seem to get past an issue with Easy Populate EP_v2_76h_MS2. I'm using OSC 2.2 RC2a, and I have followed the documentation to the letter. I don't need to change very much in the configuration, in fact, I've only changed the number of Subcategories. The problem I have is that I keep getting a CGI Error when I try to use the Easy Populate link in my admin area. I get the blank white page with the following in black text: CGI Error The specified CGI application misbehaved by not returning a complete set of HTTP headers. I have seen this before in other apps, and I can't remember what the fix might be. It can't be timing out, since it comes up right away. I've searched forums for this, and after two days and unmeasureable uninstalls and reinstalls, I can't get past this. I would really appreciate anything anyone can suggest. I'm on a windows (remote) server, and use FileZilla for my FTPs. I have PHP 4.4.9, and in my setup, the only item with the X is the OpenSSL. Everything, including the database is working fine, and I can manually add items, but there are a lot of attributes, and a fairly large product list (probably a couple of hundred), so I really would like to make my life easier by using Easy Populate. But at this rate, it's not so easy... I would appreciate any help or any suggestions. Thanks rob