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  1. thank you, that was big help! i downloaded the data from the sample file, and just pasted in my own data, and reuploaded it, obviously not well formatted now, but the basic idea works!!
  2. Hi thanks so much for replying I read your reply, and not sure if i fully understood, I have uploaded my file (a txt file) http://tinyurl.com/q6xk9r if you can take a quick look and explain what i am doing wrong, i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much
  3. hi I am very new to OSC and have been reading through this thread. forgive me if its been answered correctly, but i have tried searching and acting on what i found I got a "No products_model field in record." error, when trying to upload excel file (in txt format) One answer suggests there's no field called "products_model" so i renamed the first field of my table to "products_model" Yet i still have no luck any other ideas? thanks so much