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  1. zeppos

    Cool Flash Carousel Menu

    thanks for the consideration. i have solved the problem a long time ago, with the exemplary support and advice of the CFC developer. if I remember correctly the original .fla sources were using latin-1 instead of utf-8 encoding. so it was only a matter of making this little change in the .fla file and rewrapping it to swf. now it works perfectly well as you can see in www.t-store.gr as for the euro sign problem, i think i changed something in the functions/flash_carousel.php file, $patterns[0]=’/#8364/’; (plus the &, i removed it coz this thing autoparses it to the euro sign!) changed to ---> $patterns = ‘/€/’; the details can be seen somewhere here: http://www.oscommercex.com/2009/04/oscomme...eased/#more-286 there's one small problem remaining with the max limit of the product text shown in CFC. the max size works perfectly well for the english fonts but not for the greek fonts, however this is something i will try to solve in the future
  2. Hello, just a small notice, I tried using animated best_sellers.php on column_right.php and I always had the message "Notice: Use of undefined constant current_category_id - assumed 'current_category_id' ...(etc)". Apparently best_sellers.php has a small bug on line 9? original: if (isset($current_category_id) && (current_category_id >0)){ perhaps it should be: if (isset($current_category_id) && ($current_category_id >0)){ After this small change it seems to be working ok now.
  3. zeppos

    Cool Flash Carousel Menu

    hello, I'd like to thank the author for this great contribution and I'd also like your help about a couple of things. I installed the latest version of Flash Carousel and it worked perfectly fine out of the box. However I have 2 problems. Some products are in a different language than english (ie. greek, using utf-8 in the DB and everywhere else) and their name doesnt show on the flash carousel. Furthermore instead of the euro sign, I only see a "€" thing. Can you help me with this please? The site being tested is http://www.t-store.gr, you can see a pen on the flash carousel and this has a name in greek that doesnt show at all.
  4. hello all, any update/advice on that? i installed the addon, it works perfectly fine but the fonts in the pdf page are all messed up. i use a utf-8 database, w/greek fonts and i was wondering if there is a fix for this (although i read somewhere that pdf format doesnt generally support unicode)