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  1. jellybean55

    Authorize.net Response Lost

    Has there been any solution to installing osc 2.3 with the authorize net module. I am having the exact problem at this time.
  2. i get this information when i open the facebook window I get a message that says "unknown collumn 'username' in field list"
  3. jellybean55

    [Addon] Generic Box

    Thank you. This works nicely.
  4. jellybean55

    [Addon] Generic Box

    Hi Jim, This add on worked great for me and my files are heavily modified. I am building a 2.3.1 store. Although the box is easy and works, what would I do to get a generic box 2 or 3 added? Thanks
  5. Hi Again, Im glad it is working. Unfortunately, I have all the buttone where i want them but my buttons dont do anything. I gave checked for white spaces. I dont get any error message. The buttons seem to click when you hover over them, but nothing after that. Is it on the facebook app side? The whole canvas url thing ....Im just not sure about it.
  6. Andreas, I found on another thread that if you add <html xmlns:fb="http://www.facebook.com/2008/fbml" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" lang="en" xml:lang="en"> your buttom will appear in IE from the plain text. Now, for me this buttom still does not do anything.
  7. Hi, I have been following this thread. I just want to add that I am having the same issue as Andreas. I have installed the contrib and created the app, however in firefox there is a button that does nothing and in IE there is just a small bit of text with no link and no button. Thank you
  8. jellybean55

    One Page Checkout Support

    I appreciate the resource but ill just go back to multi page checkout. There are so many things to work on ....its was cool addon if it worked. If i ever get it i'll be sure to post the answer though.
  9. jellybean55

    One Page Checkout Support

    unfortunately, changing any of those numbers dosent seem to have an affect :(
  10. jellybean55

    One Page Checkout Support

    This string is the piece of information that blocks out the middle cc number on the confirmation page to a row of x's. the one page checkout dosent seem to need it and the error is fixed when you remove it, like this: 'field' => substr($this->cc_card_number, 0, 4) . str_repeat('X', (strlen($this->cc_card_number) - 8)) . substr($this->cc_card_number, -4)), 'field' => substr($this->cc_card_number, 0, 4), however this does not fix the problem of the missing fields below. The table for the fields seems to be in the payment_method.php file in the checkout folder. I still dont know why it isnt showing.
  11. jellybean55

    One Page Checkout Support

    I am using the goemerchant module and having the same problem. I have moved the code around all night and get same results as beauster above. Does anyone think the problem of missing fields is in the checkout.php page and not the module page? Im burnt on this one but if anyone even has a clue I will keep working on it. Thanks