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  1. vodesjardins

    Master Products

    I'm trying to use the master products addon but I'm experiencing some problems. I have problems in admin, for example when I edit my master product, the box "master" doesn't remain checked, so I have to check it everytime otherwise my product goes from master to nothing :) But the thing that most concerns me is in the product information. I chose to hide slave products, so in my product list I only have one master (i have 2 products for now, 1 master and its slave). But when I click on the master, to have its details, the slave doesn't appear below. Isn't it supposed to appear below the master ? With a quantity so that I can choose to order the slave ? As it is now, I can only order my master product, not my slave. I don't think it's normal. Any idea of what the problem can be ? Anyone can help ? Thanks.
  2. vodesjardins

    Master Products - MS2

    I downloaded buy_now_button_bug_master_products.txt and made the correct changes to the index file, and now it's working: I can click in the categories, or in the manufacturers, and I can see my master product. My slave product is hidden, as I wanted. But I still have one problem: When I click on my master product, to see the details, there is no slave listed below... So I can only buy master products... Anyone can help ? Thanks.
  3. vodesjardins

    Master Products - MS2

    Hello ! I need some help with the plugin... I'm going crazy !! I created a master product, and a slave product. First of all, when I click in the category where my 2 products are, I have this message: "There are no products to list in this category" (and in my category, I can see "(2)", meaning there are 2 products in this category...) So I click on the manufacturer name, and here it's working: I can see my 2 products. The problem is that in my slave, I clicked on "hide product". I don't want my slave product to be displayed in the product list, but I want it displayed on the product info, below the master one. Is it possible ? Any idea of what can be the problem ? I really do hope you'll give me some help, because I'm feeling very lonely... PS: I already had to make some changes to index.php, because the query as not ok: listing_sql did not contain p.products_master nor p.products_master_status, so I add it.
  4. Dear oscommerce friends, I need to add some new produts in my oscommerce shop and for that i need some help... Until now i just use 1 image per produt and i just need to use kg. Know i need to add produts with several colors and two sizes ich, small and Large.For ich size and color i will need 2 images, 1 for Small and the other one for Large.How can i do this. Wich add-on should i use? Thank you VD