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  1. ezbiker

    My osC doesn't remember guest record

    TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: If any programmer may figure out it. Welcome to PM me and I willing to solve it by hire! Thanks! Come on guys............................................................
  2. ezbiker

    My osC doesn't remember guest record

    Hi Dewed,Thanks for the reply. First, I use the same browser to access my site and the other site that can remember record. So I think the problem is not belong to browser.. Second, I did set the configure exact to your suggest already. But it doesn't work as well.. Third,made sure all links are point to www.mysite.c0m The last thing "no mod-rewrite rule" can not sure..but I have ran through it and nothing found. It really strange! everythings seems to be fine but the cookie record just don't go smooth...scratch my head til bleeding! exaust!!!
  3. Hi Everyone, I need some help. I just installed the 2.2rc2 and with lot of mod. One of the add-on is "recently viewed products". After installed the add-on everything goes smooth and thought that was done..One day I found another member with the same add-on but his able to remember the user recently viewed products, even shut down and rebot the computer again. But my add-on only can remember as I kept the browser on, it will totally forgot even I only shut down the browser. Sorry for my english, I got some question as shown below; 1. I'm asking for help to someone point me the direction or tell me which part of code should I focus. 2. Does osC able to remember the guest cart even though they are not login? Thanks for somebody out there would help me..thanks Jay
  4. I just ran through the whole forum and search over the google...found there are no others like me have this problem. Probably I've messed up some code.... Really exaust!
  5. Hi Jim, I did tried different computer by office and home, but still in same result..oh, I forgot to tell, I just test my site as guest and put something in to the cart. Then close the browser reopen it..cart is empty! But it's okay if I login as memeber to put something in the cart everything data may store but the recently viewed. Sorry for wasting your time to this issue. Can you point me to some files or code that I can check if any mistake around? best, Jay p.s. Please let me know if you need my server login name and password, as easy to run through...thanks
  6. Jim, yes I can add multiple items to a cart and check out for sure (just confirmed) and reboot in the middle of that process (just tried in checkout_shipping and checkout_payment). p.s. I pm you the website address...sorry for pm, because the site still underconstruction now.
  7. Jim, you are such pro and kind... many thanks! I have been to a site (own by one of the member of this forum). The viewed data will show each time I back to their site even I reboot the computer. According to your clue, can I think that the problem were probably to my server? If so, what should I do? Thanks, Jay
  8. Hi Jim, Can I ask for your help? Thanks
  9. Hi Everyone here, I've installed the mod and run smoothly but one thing still make me wandering. I thought the mod doesn't memorize the recently viewed record until that I found other site which installed the same mod has the function to recall the record even I shut down the computer and surf their web page (no Login though). I realize that was my own problem. I found that my web site doesn't memory the recently viewed record even I'd only close the browser and reopen a new browser. Is there something wrong I missed or done wrong? I just know a little php knowledge but not enough to figure it out, please anyone can help me out from this? thanks Jay p.s. I wish this mod has the function, I mean a button to let the site viewer able to reset their recently viewed record to 0 (clear the history).
  10. ezbiker

    FEDEX WSDL for v3 to v2.2

    This mod still under testing and doesn't work at all til now...please do not put on the community add-ons! irresponsible!
  11. ezbiker

    Fedex Mod

    This mod is compatiable with RC2A. However, the mod is out 0f date now...Fedex has changed their API configurations. The only way is WAITING!!!
  12. ezbiker

    Need shipping modules for FEDEX and UPS

    By the way; The "Fedex Rate service WSDL module" doesn't work at all....wasted my time!!!
  13. ezbiker

    Need shipping modules for FEDEX and UPS

    Originally Fedex module was working fine for my v2.2 RC2a oscommerce. But I found fedex has change their system and my fedex module doesn't work anymore!! I have to giveup Fedex and try other shipping vendor.
  14. ezbiker

    [contribution] Tracking Module

    The fedex tracking module has the problem. I got this message when input the real Fedex Tracking ID; "The Federal Express ID you have supplied is not valid. Please check and try again. The required format is 2 letters, 6 digits eg AB123456. Do not use spaces." The Fedex tracking ID supposed have 12 digits and with no letters include... Trying to find out the solutions