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  1. Halcyon56

    COD Module requirement

    Thanks Chris...Delivery Timetable takes care of that one area I need to cover. Now I have to resolve the rest, which I think it can be taken care with the COD module and a form page. JC
  2. Halcyon56

    COD Module requirement

    Does anybody know if there is an add-on that will do the following (read below please), or maybe it's possible to achieve it with the COD module already included in osCommerce that installs by default? This is what I need to achieve: Besides the payment options that I already implemented, I need to develop a Cash on Delivery (COD) option in such a way that, when the client places his order on checkout the COD option is chosen and an email is sent to me with all the products he's ordered PLUS some required info (delivery address, full name, phone number, and a couple more things), that same email should also go to the client. I'm thinking maybe all this data can be gathered from his account + whatever products he has ordered, but one piece of information need in this email would be the option to choose hour to be delivered (something like between 2 and 4 pm). Upon delivery the client has the option to pay cash or use a VISA wireless POS (point of sale) unit and pay with his credit card or debit card. Thanks in advance for your help. JC
  3. Thanks, I might have done that inadvertently because all of a "sudden" it works. Thanks for clearing things up.
  4. After installing SecurityPro and carefully following all instructions I get the following error, either when trying to run/install the SecurityPro_install.php file or just when I try to acces my oscommerce store: Fatal error: Call to a member function add_current_page() on a non-object in /home/graficai/public_html/estore/includes/application_top.php on line 332 Line 332 reads as follows: $navigation->add_current_page(); Any help will be appreciated. TIA
  5. Halcyon56

    Distorted thumbnails

    Thanks Sam...I was indeed looking into the oscThumb contribution and looks very interesting. admin > images > set height values to empty Only height values, not width? I assume this will set a fix standard width for all thumbnails and the height will vary according to each picture. If I set all width values to empty, will it keep a fix height and the width vary according to each photo?
  6. Halcyon56

    Distorted thumbnails

    This might be a very basic question for you experienced users...and I've tried searching the forum, with negative results, before posting. I'm uploading product images and unless the width vrs. height ratio is perfectly in accordance to that which is set up in the Admin section, images don't look ok. I have images that are wider than others and some that are taller, but in thumbnail view they get resized to the same proportion and thus look either extended or compressed. How do you guys deal with this? Am I missing something obvious here? Is there a contribution/add-on to tweak this? Any help/pointers will be greatly appreciated. TIA
  7. Halcyon56

    Visa Credit Card PAyment Module

    This is my first osCommerce site and I'm trying to find out how to implement a Visa Credit Card Paymenet Module option. I thought this was built-in and the option was available at Administrator > Modules > Payment, but even though other options do show, nothing for Visa whatsoever. Any help will be much appreciated PD - I?m also implementing a Safetypay module and I have found a contribution for this...but nothing similar for Visa. Thanks
  8. Halcyon56

    SaftPay compatibility

    Thanks, that's exactly what I needed.
  9. Halcyon56

    SaftPay compatibility

    Does anybody know if osCommerce can accommodate SaftPay as one more payment module? Is there a contribution for this? I've searched the Forum to no avail :-) TIA