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  1. I have a small problem with this contribution. I installed this on my create account and contact pages. If i go to one of these pages and click on any link (also have country-state selector on create account.php) , it loses the session id. This wouldn t be such a big problem but when i lose the session id the shopping cart is voided. This is particullary annoying if a customers ads something to the cart and then decides to create a new account and send the order. The account gets created but then redirects to a empty shopping cart page. Any idea on how to make this work and keep it from generating a new session id? Strangely enough this happends only in firefox where the oscsid appears on every link and does not dissappear after the first click like in opera, ie, safari.
  2. Seems i have a problem with the redirect function in application_top. It s supposed to redirect a guest account to the shopping cart if you click on My Account but it doesn t. It displays account.php. This is the code i m talking about if (tep_session_is_registered('customer_id') && tep_session_is_registered('customer_is_guest') && substr(basename($PHP_SELF),0,7)=='account') tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_SHOPPING_CART)); If i delete && tep_session_is_registered('customer_is_guest') the code works ok but the idea is to redirect guest accounts and not registered users...
  3. anabrolic

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Is it possible to generate this kind of link? computers/hardware/lcd-monitor-p-34.html or computers/hardware/lcd-monitor-p-34 Or the current style is the best for search engines...
  4. anabrolic

    One Page Checkout Support

    Another issue with OPC and KGT discount enabled. I get a blank checkout.php . If i disable OPC and apply the discount code in checkout_payment.php and then re-enable it (without placing the order), checkout.php will show just fine with the code applied in the cart and i can use these two contributions combined. If i log out the problem reappears. We all appreciate contributions but why post something that it s not working at all...
  5. anabrolic

    [Contribution] Scrolling Customer Testimonials

    This works fine except in the testimonials box sometimes i have the same testimonial showing up twice or even three times...
  6. anabrolic

    NewsDesk v1.48 Support

    Same here. I get an empty category box on the product page but the latest news box shows ok.
  7. is it possible to send a discount coupon to a client's email address and to also make it show on the account.php page?
  8. anabrolic

    2gether Discount

    Any idea how to: - be able to add quantity for product A and B? if i want a special for 10 x product A and 12 x product B what then? - if i want to apply the 2gether discount to two products that already have a special price, it shows only the full price on product_info and admin/2gether (this generates a bigger discount if set to a percentage of the price total) and it would be nice to be able to add a maximum of 3 products together :)
  9. anabrolic

    Frienship Discount

    I just tried this contribution (Friendship Discount) http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/6163 Basically if you have an account and referr a friend to the shop, both will receive a discount. The problem is that it allows only one discount per client. I would like for a client to receive as many discounts as the number of new clients he brings. For example if 5 new clients make a purchase ,he will receive a 5% on his next 5 orders. Any ideas?
  10. anabrolic

    [Contrib] Make An Offer

    I have a problem with this contribution... if the offer is too low, it will return to the make an offer page but the product title and price disappear. It says only: Send us your offer for: $0.00
  11. anabrolic

    Round order total

    I tried a couple of rounding methods but they seem to work only on the default currency of the store. For example if the total in USD is 88.87, the rounding is 0.13 for a total of 89USD. Now 88.87USD equals 68.36 euros (exchange rate 1.30) and it displays an incorrect rounding of 0.10 , the exact exchange rate of the USD rounding So any ideas on how to make the rounding work for other currencies than default Thanks
  12. anabrolic

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Any idea how to make this compatible with Discount Coupon Codes and Loyalty Discounts? If i edit the order, the loyalty discount is the same amount and the discount code field shows 0.00
  13. how can i round the discount total when coupon set to a percentage of the order total? instead of 114.38$ to have it show 114$ or instead of 231.67$, 232$. i also have installed the loyalty discount and there it was easy, there s a line $od_amount = round($od_amount, 2); and i just changed 2 to 0
  14. anabrolic

    [Contribution] SEO-G

    i had to comment out this line in root.php: header('Location: ' . $g_relpath . SEO_DEFAULT_ERROR_REDIRECT); i dont think this is a good idea but now whos online shows the current page i m on instead of cookie_usage.php i also noticed if a bot is on the website , Last URL shows up ok but for a visitor the same cookie_usage.php
  15. anabrolic

    [Contribution] SEO-G

    SAME PROBLEM with Whos Online: with SEO-G on or off no matter what page i m on, it shows cookie_usage.php or whatever i set in SEO-G Redirect Any ideas?