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  1. Solan

    Daily report issue

    Thank you! :thumbsup: And how do i do that :blush:
  2. I want to know if its possible to have a daily report that includes this: Order id Customer name Sold product Product price VAT Shipping cost Date Status id Payment method Not neccesairy in that order Thanks :)
  3. Solan

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Happy New Year to all :) I have tried to find the answer to why when i click "new order email" button it only send an empty email to customer? The customer recive an blank email with only: Your order has been updated. Doesnt it has have to inklude all of the order information such as totals an so on in it? Thanks in advance.
  4. please let me know if it work well..
  5. That text did scare me too.. How is it now? does it och does it not handle Attributes?
  6. It seems we are many who´s in need of such a contrib.. I need a filter for different sizes and colours to different Categories :( Plz isnt there any one out there who let us know how to do this?
  7. Solan

    Header Tags SEO

    Hi all whats the problem if it says: *** No keywords found for this page: conditions.php?language=sv when i try to use keywords from actual page in page control? Thanks in advance
  8. Solan

    jQuery/Ajax Shopping Cart

    i installed the latest contribution and checked my boxes/shopping_cart.php for the fix earlier in this thread but still the sum doesnt update as it should.
  9. Solan

    jQuery/Ajax Shopping Cart

    Hi great contrib :thumbsup: i dont get the total sum to update (correct it self)when customer deletes a product from eg index site. ( i do get the question popup if i want to update the shopping cart). When shopping cart is empty the price is still there until the customer goes to shopping_cart.php Any solution? :)
  10. Hi all i just installed this great contrib, every thing seems to work just fine. i have only one more wish about this and that is for this contrib to also download work and download the stock (i use Qtpro) but i see no information about Qtrpro in the documentation. Is there any solution to make theese two contrib work together or do i have to do the stock manually one by one? :rolleyes:
  11. Seems ok.. hm, i really dont know how to solve this.. if someone have the solution please post here.. :)
  12. What a wonderful day!

  13. :blush: Do i have to go trough all of the files in ocommerce or is there some special files you could suggest? Im a self learner so ontherwise i will go trough the whole oscommerce *lol*
  14. I now have the same problem... :( Have anyone found the solution?
  15. I seem to have all correct :huh:
  16. Im very greatfull for your help :rolleyes: I dont think i made my self clear enough. I like the VAT to be INCLUDED in the price at checkout.php :blush: ***************************************************************************************** (I´ll try to find the tax fix) ***************************************************************************************** Yes i have made all the changes to the old files (i think) i will go through them again.. :) ********************************************************************************* In admin Account creation = opitonal Thanks!
  17. Thanks for your reply Steve :) Now i wonder if there is a way to let the define('TABLE_HEADING_PRODUCTS_PRICE', 'Price Each'); and define('TABLE_HEADING_PRODUCTS_FINAL_PRICE', 'Total Price'); (found in includes/languages/english/checkout.php) To be shown with VAT? (in admin settings i have set: Display prices with tax = true) I dont want to have the Price Each and Total Price without VAT. (When a customer is logged in all prices shows without VAT in checkout.php) My next and hopefully the last :-" question is why customer after pressing confirm order the site redirects me to the old checkout_payment.php and tells me that i havent choose payment method for this order.. When clicking payment method there, and press continue the pages goes back to checkout.php again... and i can do this all night long >_< When i try to make an order without making an account and press confirm order button i get to a error site saying: 1054 - Unknown column 'shipping_module' in 'field list' Can anyone point me to the problem?
  18. I also have another question: i have only one lanugage in my shop. So in admin when i configure the settings the default adress country is "my country" (the only one i can choose). So when i go further down under the: Auto-show billing/shipping Default Country It says: Auto-show billing/shipping Default zip code What shall i write in there? (dont understand :blush: )
  19. Hi i have the same problem BUT i didnt forget to add the define.. When this contrib is enabled in admin the checkout_shipping.php gives me http 404 :( please help me with this error
  20. Oh, so the thread shows again :thumbsup: it was gone for a while.. I have one more error to solve: E_STRICT Error Count: 1 Error: Non-static method KissMT_Modules::stripStopWords() cannot be called statically, assuming $this from compatible context KissMT_Module File: includes/modules/kiss_meta_tags/abstracts/kiss_modules.php Line: 134 What to do with this? Thanks!
  21. :lol: Thank you but it takes very long time and help from my new best friend mr Google (language tool) :lol: Anyway, further down i saw the real errors and that whas what i needed. ;) I can understand from there.. I think i have more problem with the querys, i really dont know how to read and understand them.. (maybe i dont understand what they are either *lol* :P Thanks for your time and your hard work letting us newbies manage putting up some good contribs.. :) P.S Will this contrib work with multiple languages? Will it "find" the errors in added languagefiles?..
  22. Hi :) i keep installing your faboulus contribs to my new shop, i must say that i just "love" :wub: your way of adding code instead of letting us place code above och below and so on.. Thank you for that. My questions this time are, if i dont do any changes in the kiss_error_handler.php the errors should go into a textfile? Where or how does that work? Will i have to look in the error mapp? Will the textfile bring it self up or should i make one? (Right now there is only a .htaccess file in there) I dont think my shop have many errors right now since i havent installed much else. But when i set all to on except KISS_ERROR_REPORTING_GET_SWITCH i indeed se the contrib working at the screen :) Its totaly blank below Break points but below KissER Query Output it says: Total Queries: 107 Slowest Query Number 97 Time: 0.0081 Seconds. Total query Time 0.0244 Seconds. And lots of different querys The fist says: Number: 1 Time: 0.0002 Seconds. Query: select configuration_key as cfgKey, configuration_value as cfgValue from configuration Now i just have to find out a way to understand all of theese, to know what to do with them.. :( I would like an example.... pleeeease o:) Sorry for asking but i dont speak english so therefor it takes longer time for me to understand new contribs :D
  23. sorry this was edited since i made a misstake :-"
  24. Solan

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Thanks again but since i just installed the Sitemap i havent made any cron settings yet. :rolleyes: