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  1. superwad


    Has anybody addressed these questions? I also am very interested in this contribution, but the ability for users to both click on a link and manually enter the affiliate code are features I need. Thank you.
  2. superwad

    Custom registration fields

    I found http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/3737 which does at least half of what I'm looking for. I suppose I'll use this as a jumping point to add the category-specific functionality.
  3. superwad

    Custom registration fields

    Hello again. I was wondering if anybody had a chance to think about this. If there is a contribution that already does this, that would be best. I'd ideally not like to start modifying core code to accomplish this, but if it must be done, it must be done. Thanks again to anybody who can help me answer my question.
  4. I'm setting up a shop that will be selling both products and services. The owner requires that some extra information (what product they use, availability, etc) be collected for those who are signing up for a service, but doesn't require that information if somebody is only buying a product. Is there a contribution or some way that if any product from a particular category is added to the cart that the registration or signout form requests this information? The registration form should ask for this information on new customers, and the signout form should display this information for verification (and possible editing). For simplicity I suggest that this flag be applied to a product category. In general, it would be applied to any specific product, not necessarily just a product. Thank you!