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  1. robyna

    Information Pages Unlimited v1.0

    Hi. I've played around with this great application and managed to accomplish 2 things I've seen people here are asking about, so here it goes: To apply the application to a separate box: Duplicate the information box, as you would when adding a new box (there are instructions on adding a new box in the docs that come with the original installation of osc) - on the original information box, comment out the added code for info pages unlimited, and in the new information box (make sure you name it something else) comment out the default pages (conditions, shipping, contact etc...) add your new box to column left or right and voila. as for adding SEO meta tags Header Tags SEO : http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5851 has an option for adding Pseudo Pages that works great with info pages unlimited & has very detailed and coherent instructions on how to do it. If anyone has figured out how to make IPU work with more than one box , or how to have pages not show up on a menu but linkable from elsewhere, I would love to know Thanks for a great addon!
  2. well, i got it to work! on rc2 and rc2a. the trick is to define the entire path to your osCommerce Root Directory folder in the system plugin parameters : instead of "catalog" ,as suggested, "/home/yourdomain/public_html/subfolder/catalog".
  3. I installed a vanilla copy of joomla and oscommerce, on the same db with the same user, in the same subfolder of my site & still I get the same error when I activate the "system oscommerce" plugin.... I installed rc2a, will try with rc2 and I guess if that doesn't work I'll just wait for a version with instructions unless anybody here has any ideas...
  4. In the joomla plugin manager there are 2 plugins for this application: User - osCommerce (via The josC! Project) System - osCommerce (via The josC! Project) I just realized I only had the "user" enabled. when I enabled "system" I received the following error when loading the joomla frontend : Fatal error: require() [function.require]: Failed opening required 'shop/catalog/includes/application_top.php' (include_path='.:/usr/local/php52/pear') in /home/robyna/public_html/shop/site/plugins/system/oscommerce.php on line 148 when only "user" was enabled I could get some of the options to work (login, conditions...) but not "default" or "product info" I suspect I may not be configuring the plugin correctly : I've got Joomla & Oscommerce installed side by side in 2 subdirectories (joomla is on www.mywebsite.com/shop/site and oscommerce is on www.mywebsite.com/shop/catalog)
  5. YES ! After a few days of fiddling around with this, and then you guys came along and I finally got it figured out! Once you make sure both installs are on the same database and the db user and password are the same it works so easily its hard to believe. 2 questions though: 1 - how did you get your oscommerce main page to show up - I tried setting a menu item with the JOS project "default" option and just got a blank page. also, anybody know of an option to get the categories to show up instead. 2 - is there a way to get the oscommerce catalog menu to appear as a one of the menus in the left or right columns or do i need to configure a menu item for each category or product manually.
  6. robyna

    Options as images

    ok ive managed to do this by removing this code: ><input type="radio" name ="id[' . $products_options_name['products_options_id'] . ']" value="' . $opti_array['id'] . '" ' . $checkedd . ' / from this file: options_images.php now i just need to get rid of the dropdown list for the other attributes which dont have options_images activated. that still appears twice: once on top, added by "QTPRo", and again under the attribute images table. <_< any clues?
  7. robyna

    Options as images

    Hi, thanks for a great contribution! My shop stocks items in many different patterns, which are not all available most of the time. I'm trying to combine this with QTpro but the conflicting codes on product_info.php are beyond my skill. so, my compromise is this: i want to remove the radio buttons from under the images, so that just the attribute images appear, without the option to select them so the customer can see all the options as images, but select them from the dropdown list supplied by QTPRo. what i need to know is what code do i have to change in order to remove the checkboxes. hope u can help me thanks robyn
  8. robyna

    items doubled in shopping cart

    :lol: ok i fixed it it was in "application_top" sorry for ventilating online... & thanks for a great contribution!!!
  9. Hi Ive just installed this for the second time. and have overcome most bugs but one VERY problematic problem still persists: When I add an item to the cart, its added twice. Once with the tracked attribute and once without. (if theres no tracked attribute then it still is added twice). I guess i missed some code replacing, so its showing up twice. but: Ive looked and looked but cant find which file this command is coming from. its not "product_info" and not "shopping_cart". would greatly appreciate any insight on this you can see it at work on my site: www.robyna.co.il/catalog (hope no-one trys to buy anything before i fix it or im gonna have some pissed off customers :( )
  10. Hi Ive just installed these two contributions on my site, and having a few problems: 1) "add to cart" has suddenly started adding TWO items instead of one. this happens for all products. :o 2) attributes which are out of stock still appear as options in the product page. 3) the "remove" checkbox has disappeared from the shopping cart. will be very thankful if you can give me any clues about these thanks robyn
  11. Hi, This is my first post here so i hope im not asking too stupid a question (in case this issue has been addressed 100 times before, i'll be thankful for a referall to the right place, i just couldnt find it myself). My product comes in many different colors, which are not always in stock. I want to add the colors to the product as attributes with thumbnail images & radio button selection. and i want to be able to keep track of the stock of colors (i.e, when a color is sold out it wont appear until i restock it etc/) Which contributions should i install to get this done? This is my site: http://www.robyna.co.il/catalog Many thanks!