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  1. dw1973

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    I used http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2779 so I could add new fields via the Admin CP Just a bit of a job now to populate the 2 new fields.
  2. dw1973


    Well php isn't my forte but would changing to work?
  3. dw1973


    Have installed this and it's working great, running as a cron job daily. Just one question...the file check email is sent to me as per the config settings but the hacked file email is going to the store owner email address (which isn't me). Can I set a different email address for that cron job, and if so how?
  4. You are correct, it is related to those products in that they have all have words of 2 letters or less in their names. Maybe no-one else has products of this nature? Have you tested this combination? Not sure that I find this response satisfactory but as this is a free contribution I guess I can't complain. When I get time I'll install the contribution on a vanilla OSCommerce and see if it still happens. If it does, it's a bug and should be fixed.
  5. The link is in the format domainname.com/the-gro-clock-by-the-gro-company-p-175.html for the product then domainname.com/the-gro-clock-by-the-gro-company-pr-175.html for the review link As I said above, I've changed the Filter Short Words to 2 which changes the link url to the-gro-clock-the-gro-company-pr-175.html which works so I don't think it is related to templates. Besides I made the template using STS :)
  6. Installed v22d_10 and it works very well but just one very small problem. For some reason the Reviews button on a couple of products was returning a 404. If I turn off SEO URLs the Reviews button worked fine. The products affected do have small words in the title (by and a) and I have Filter Short Words set to 0. I changed this to 1 and still had the same problem, changed to 2, worked fine. Is this something which can be fixed?
  7. dw1973

    Header Tags SEO

    Yes, everything is working fine except for the Welcome... text not appearing on index.php I'm sure it is something I've done but the code seems to be in the right place on index.php so this should be appearing.
  8. dw1973

    Header Tags SEO

    Installed together with STS and a load of other contributions but noticed that HEADING_TITLE has disappeared off index.php. The category name shows up fine when I go into categories but no HEADING_TITLE on the main page Any advice please!!
  9. Nevermind Found this http://svn.oscommerce.com/jira/browse/OSC-787 Which more or less explains the problem and a fix...it's a oscomemrce bug not a SEO one :)
  10. Have installed v2.2d-10 and all works well apart fromo ne problem. When something is added to the cart from the product list using the buy now button, then the user chooses continue shopping from the cart, all the buy now buttons retain that product id when the user is returned to that category. Hope that makes sense!
  11. dw1973

    Per item shipping up to a maximum

    Found a solution which works, although it is untidy Shipping Table 1.1:1.00,2.2:1.75,3.3:2.50,4.4:3.25,5:4.00,6:4.00,7:4.00,8:4.00,9:4.00 Max Package weight in Config set to 10 It works up to the purchase of 9 items, which hopefully is enough! Would still like to know if there is a proper solution
  12. I want to set up a shipping cost per item of £1 up to a maximum for £4. I can't seem to find a contribution specifically for this so I've tried to set up table pricing as follows. 1 item = £1 2 items = £1.75 3 items = £2.50 4 items = £3.25 5 items+ = £4 Table pricing looks like... Enable Table Method True Shipping Table 1:1,2.10:1.75,3.10:2.50,4.1:3.25,5.1:4 Table Method weight Handling Fee 0 Tax Class --none-- Shipping Zone --none-- Sort Order 1 Items are set with a token weight of 1, Tare is set to 0 However, when 1 item is in the basket it shows a cost of £1.75, 2 items shows as £2.50 and 5 items shows as £0.00 There's probably a very simple mistake I'm making but I just can't see it!