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  1. multimixer

    CONFUSED. header tags seo

    Read the error It looks like you didn't upload all files, the one mentioned in the error is missing. In general, you can not "test" things like this, you need to do all installation steps, and then you can test
  2. multimixer

    add on request AJAX Attribute Manager

    Why don't you write a proper documentation and upload it to the package?
  3. multimixer

    [Contribution] STS v4

    take a look here
  4. multimixer


    Upload each image one more time, where it says "+add extra image"
  5. Equal height for osCommerce product listing boxes http://bit.ly/fqIbjt

  6. You could also take a look at your previous identical post
  7. What version of osCommerce do you use and what version is the template you got?
  8. multimixer

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    That happens because the product id is used to select the images, read how to solve this here
  9. Link manager and menu creator for osCommerce. Take a look at my blog

    1. multimixer


      Would it be ok to add the url here? or not?

  10. multimixer


    Congratulations for your plan but, while wishing you success, still wondering what the question is? Are you looking for a template or do you need design suggestions or what?
  11. multimixer

    Remove Text from the Payment Page

    In folder catalog/includes/languages/modules/payment there are 3 sage pay files. In each of them find define('MODULE_PAYMENT_SAGE_PAY_FORM_TEXT_PUBLIC_TITLE', 'Credit Card or Bank Card (Processed by Sage Pay)');
  12. multimixer

    Contact us

    The form is sending an email to the address you have as a store owner set in admin
  13. Maybe this will help you
  14. use either height or width in admin and leave the other setting empty
  15. multimixer

    Remove all items from cart with one click

    And here is a complete tutorial on how to do this
    1. Biancoblu


      interesting info, thank you for sharing, and congrats on your site for its informative articles.

  16. multimixer

    [Contribution] STS v4

    I think that Bill Kellum is working on this read
  17. multimixer

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    Hi all This addon is not working with version 2.3.1. If you want to use it right now, you have to use osCommerce version rc2a, that you can upgrade to v2.3 Since Zappo is not very active recently, I will make a new version, compatible with 2.3.1 right after the holidays, looking in the same time into issues raised up here in the forum (like image preview etc), so be a little patient till then
  18. multimixer

    [Contribution] STS v4

    No it's not working. If you want to use STS, then take the previous version (RC2a), upgrade it to 2.3 (using the upgrade guide) and then istall on it STS 4.6
  19. multimixer

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Create a template and call it index.php_0.html.This will be your "homepage". Whatever you add to this will be displayed only at the homepage, for example the $categorybox$ @Mrmike: do the same, and if you don't want any default content to be displayed there, just don't use the $content$ tag and type in whatever you want and add any "css tables" you like EDIT @ Mrmike: People don't enter a site always from the "entrance"
  20. How to get a new theme for your osCommerce store http://multimixer.gr/?p=572

  21. multimixer

    [Contribution] STS v4

    I would check if I have any template for infoboxes that disable the header for boxes. If so, make a template for also purchased and leave the header in place