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  1. I have a question for the contribution Simple Down for Maintenance Great contrib, very easy to install but I can not get it to work fully with STS template system. I can get the full shut down to work and display the extra index page but not the warning message stating the site will be going off line. I have tried many types of re-coding but nothing happens. :( Please can you advise. Keep up the good work.
  2. rerbe

    Recover Cart Sales

    Hi Gob, I have tried your suggestion above but I can still only see the customers name not the company name shown on the list. I have re-installed and re-added the above still with no luck. Would you have any other suggestions.. Cheers Richard :(
  3. rerbe

    Recover Cart Sales

    Hi I have tried several things to change the customers name to company name with no luck all I seem to do is break the cart admin. Can you offer any advice. Cheers :(
  4. rerbe

    Recover Cart Sales

    Thanks for the fast reply The Company name is mandatory so in theory there should always be something in this location. Cheers
  5. rerbe

    Recover Cart Sales

    Hi great contrib, Is it possible to change the customers details so it shows the company name instead of the customers first and lanst name? Keep up the good work Richard. :huh:
  6. Hi, How can I hide infoboxes namely $cartbox from customers that are are not logged in. I have searched the forums for 6 hours today and can not find the answer. Cheers Richard
  7. rerbe

    Login Controller

    I have checked everything and all of the coding is ok.]The code I used is here http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1154/ under the title Control Login. It does not seem to mention anything about emailing as far as I can see. Cheers
  8. Hi I have installed the Login Controller contribution that allows people to register but not buy online until account has been ok'd by the administrator. The customer still receives the signup email but no confirmation email is sent once the accout has been activated by the administrator. Is this possible to implement if so how? Thanking you in advance. Richard <_<
  9. Great contribution, unfortunately it does not seem to work well with secure pages. Any of the secure (https) pages do not show the right hand side header image (next to the page title) it just shows a broken image (red cross) with the page title next to the red cross. Any Ideas??? Cheers. Richard
  10. Nice One!!!! I have been looking for a solution to thisone myself and have asked the question in these forums several times before, and not being a PHP guru this was a problem. Thanks for the info... Richard E
  11. I have installed HTMLArea to enabling editing of my product descriptions. This works fine until I switch over to my shared security certificate SSL, the text area defaults back to the original OSC type. Can anyone help at all? Cheers Rich. :unsure: