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  1. After sending newsletters out for several months, fullfilling requests to be removed, or unsubscribed from my newsletter became a sometimes tideous process, with my meager 1000 customer database. So, I sought to automate this process in a way that would allow me to explain to my customer why it is to their benifit to remain subscribed. This process will automatically add an 'Unsubscribe' sentence and link to the bottom of your newsletter. When the customer clicks it, it will take them to a page within your shop, and will allow them to unsubscribe from your newsletter subscription list. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,913 Your feedback would be greatly appreciated. :D
  2. wizardsandwars

    Auto Login BUG

    I downloaded this last nite and got it installed. It appeared to be working nicely. However, when I went to this site, http://www.searchengineworld.com/cgi-bin/s.../sim_spider.cgi I discovered that with the autologin enabled, the spiders can't see your site, at all. If anyone out there is useing this contribution, make sure you go there and see if spiders can see YOUR website.
  3. Often, a shop will have customers who will come to the shop, create an account, but for some reason, they do not place an order. Since we are often developing on our webshop, we thought it was useful to automate an email to these customers, asking for feedback, and trying to try to find our why they decided not to order. This data is very useful in attempting to tailor your website or shop to meet the needs of your customers. This script is scheduled in 'Cron' or 'Winat'. It will keep track of what customers it has emailed using a static data file. Keep in mind that this is my first contribution, so please go easy. However, that being said, I'd like any feedback anyone could offer.
  4. wizardsandwars

    Accepting Credit Cards

    You need either.... 1.) Your own merchant account and payment gateway. Authorize.net is a good gateway, but you still need a merchant account. If you go through authorize.net directly, it will be more expensive. The best thing to do is to find a authorized auth.net reseller that will give you a merchant account and payment gateway for nothing up front. This is a pretty common promotion if you get the merchant account and gateway together. With these types of modules, you collect the cc info on your website, and programatically process the payment through the gateway. The money lands in your merchant account, and is batch deposited in your business account once per day. The standard CC module you are using just collects the CC info, but nothing is processed. This module is for the #3 type of processing cc's below. 2.) A third party processor, such as paypal, 2checkout (big mistake here). There are a few others. During checkout, the customer is taken to a third party website, where they make the payment. The money lands in your account with the third party. Usually there is slightly more restrictions on how you withdrawl the money to your account, and you have less protection in the event of fraud. 3.) Off line, or near line processors. This is where you have a merchant account and a virtual terminal. So you collect the CC information on your website, and then have to manually enter it in on your vitual or real physical cc terminal. It's a little more manual, but it's usually alot cheaper this way. There's a ton more information about cc payment processors in my blog.
  5. wizardsandwars

    Strange Error....

    First of all, you didn't tell anyone what contribution you are talking about. Secondly, it looks like either you have not installed it properly, or the contribution forgot to tell you to run the SQL to add columns to the database tables. I suspect the former. Re-trace your steps through the installation procedure, and pay particular attention to any parts that tell you to run some SQL against the MySQL database. HTH
  6. wizardsandwars

    What the....?! - header tags

    You don't know what you've done? I supposed that also means you didn't make a backup before you done it?
  7. wizardsandwars

    Order editor

    MOECTO does both.
  8. wizardsandwars

    Order editor

    Iv'e gotten it to work on 3 or 4 stores now. If it's not working for you, then I think it might be that you didn't install it properly. A space at the end of a file is a good place to start looking.
  9. wizardsandwars

    Order Total wrong when discount applied

    I think the problem is in the 'Show price with VAT' contribution. In your configuration, set the 'show poducts with tax' option to false, and see if that fixes the subtotal amount on the confirmation page.
  10. wizardsandwars

    Best Merchant/Gateway

    No, go to an authorized reseller of authorize.net. They won't charge you a dime up front.
  11. wizardsandwars

    PayPal Website Payments Pro or Authorize.Net

    You can fix that about 99.9% of the time by giving paypal a 'Return URL' of your checkout_process.php file. In order to make it 100%, you'll need to install the paypal IPN module.
  12. wizardsandwars

    PayPal Website Payments Pro or Authorize.Net

    It would be straight PP processing, yes. But customers could still use a credit card to purchase. Thie difference between a standard paypal module, and paypal's payments pro, is that with the standard module, customers are re-directed to paypal's website to actually make the payment. With the payments pro module, the customer give you their CC details right on your site. A standard module only takes a few minutes to set up, and costs nothing up front. Unforutnatly, it does make the checkout even longer, (ungh), and it will cost you about 1/2 your customers if that's the only payment module you offer. Still, it's a fantastic way to get up and running, and give you some times to work the kinks out of your business model.
  13. wizardsandwars

    PayPal Website Payments Pro or Authorize.Net

    If you are processing less than $1000 per month, I'd recommend jsut using the standard paypal module (with IPN), until you can build the business a little bigger. Yes, you'll lose customers using only a standard paypal account, but it will give you some time to work on you marketing, and link building. Once your are processing over $1000, you can switch over to a merchant account/gatway without having to worry about those 'minimums'.
  14. wizardsandwars

    Order editor

    I've tried them all, and I think that this one is probably the best. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...all/search,josh
  15. wizardsandwars

    PayPal Website Payments Pro or Authorize.Net

    Not directly, no. It goes into your paypal account. From there you can withdrawl the money to your bank account. I'm not sure if you can schedule this or not.
  16. wizardsandwars

    PayPal Website Payments Pro or Authorize.Net

    No need to pay $200 to setup authoprize.net. If you go with a merchant account / gateway through the same vendor, the gateway is normally free. The bottom line between these two solutions is this... The merchant acocunt / gateway is $10 more expensive, but give you a little more recourse against chargebacks. PayPay Payments Pro dumps to your paypal acocunt, which is nice to have some flexibility for how and when you withdral to your back account.
  17. wizardsandwars

    Search Engien Safe URL (still in development)

    That's a very subjective opinion, for those of you following alog. Session IDs in the URL are perfectly fine, as long as you make sure you don't assign them to seach engines spiders. And for the growing population of users out that that are becoming more and more security sensitive and have their cookies disabled, no, there are not other methods. Session IDs in the URL is a neccesary evil, unless you don't mind losing ~20% of your potential customers right off the bat.
  18. wizardsandwars

    HELP- site down!!!

    The meta tages are already in the page. You can define your global meta title in the english.php file.
  19. wizardsandwars

    HELP- site down!!!

    define('TITLE', 'makeupworld.co.uk');
  20. Each contribution is different. You'll need to read the install or read me instructions. Normally, yes, it means that you will have to ftp download the files affected in the contribution to your desktop, and manually make text edits as instructed.
  21. wizardsandwars

    Checkout editing

  22. wizardsandwars

    Paypal doesn't auto return to cart. Orders lost.

    You do that at paypal, not in your OSC admin. This is the easiest way to fix the problem, and works about 99.9% of the time.
  23. wizardsandwars

    New SEO enhancement - HELP NEEDED

    Well, if you have a better way to do it, I would certainly encourage you to do so. And since you're going to be in there anyways, a contribution making this chagne would be nice. I wonder how this was addressed in the new CVS preview of MS3?
  24. wizardsandwars

    New SEO enhancement - HELP NEEDED

    There's a contribution that changes all the buy now links to forms. That fixes the issue.
  25. wizardsandwars

    Multiple languages News scroller?

    opps I forgot the $language variable. $contents = fread ($fd, filesize (DIR_WS_HTTP_CATALOG . DIR_WS_LANGUAGES. $language . '/' . $filename));