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  1. gohalo3


    Keanny, Thanks for the explanation this really helps. Unfortunately, just like what you mentioned. I am hoping that this contribution will someday allow customers from the affiliate site to click on the affiliate product and automatically give them product discounts as they purchase the item back to the store. This is exactly what I am looking for. Thanks!
  2. gohalo3

    Multi-Stores Multiple Shops Support

    Hi All.. Is there a readme.txt file with this contribution that explains the full capacity of the add-on with all the updates that has been done? Id like to know what are the features of this multi-store? What are the limitations ? What is the advantage of this? and other information? I think if we have this on the contribution, people would understand more what the add-on is all about and less questions might be avoided. If someone knows all this info please post or PM me, in return I will put this in PDF and upload to the contribution so everyone can use it. Thanks.
  3. gohalo3


    Hello all, I read posts after posts and many sites about this add on, however, I can never get the BIG picture on what this Affiliate Add-on can really do. Can someone please explain IN DETAIL what this OSAffiliate does / capability ? What are the features of the add-on? Advantages of using it? If you do, I will gather all info and put in PDF so I can share / upload it to the Contribution thread for all references. thanks All.
  4. Hello All, Im a new member to this forum but have been reading many posts. I have a situation that I am not sure about so I decided to ask for forum itself. Im looking for an Oscommerce ADD-ON that acts like an affiliate tracking with separate pricing into my oscommerce site. So here is the situation and what I hope the module can to do: My other partners will list my products on their website. As soon as a buyer from their site clicks on the product listed, they will be directed to my shopping cart where they can purchase the item at a discounted rate. My objective is to be able to track which site / partner site that customer came from.. and Automatically figure out that because it came from that partner site, the prices in my store will be reduced by 10%. I dont want the customers to just click on banners from my partner site, I like them to actually click on the product images and get re-directed to the site. Ive looked into the osC affiliate Osc Affiliate- but I am not sure if this will do what I need. I dont think it would but this is just from my initial analysis. If you can help it would be greatly appreciated thanks.