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  1. blackbelt007

    OsCommerce Download Feature

    Hi there, this thread has really helped but I need something else!! I am setting up a site tht allows customers to upload their items for sale, namely boats!. So there are twolevels of advert for them to select, either bronze or silver, bronze allows on image and silver up to 7 images. I need for the download to be a link to whichever upload page is relevant to their product. Unless someone else can offer help !
  2. blackbelt007

    Customer Add Product

    I am trying onelast time, I need a way for the customer to add atleast six more pictures when adding a product if anyone can help i AM CLOSE TO OFFERING A REWARD AS THIS IS DOING MY HEAD IN! pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease help me!!!!!
  3. Hi, I am using this contrib (love it by the way!) and also using the Customer Add Product contrib, I want the customer to be able to add multiple pics as well. I used the install instructions to geet me so far and now I can select multiple pictures but they dissappear when you hit preview? I am missing a rather important step but don't know the lingo well enough to sort it out, any help greatly appreciated!! page is have hacked is http://www.eliteboatservices.com/catalog/account_add2.php login - test@test.com password - test12
  4. blackbelt007

    Customer Add Product

    I am assuming this therad is dead but will give it onelast go, I have solved all my previous issues, but I am still wanting to allow the customer to add multiple images, I have added the multi pics 6 contrib and have managed to get the changes in the cap account add file but it is not working properly, The images are discarded so I am obviously missing something in there> Any help!! Please
  5. blackbelt007

    Customer Add Product

    Hi again, I am still after getting the user access automated after a purchase, but anyway. I also need to know how to make the photo NOT resize to a thumbnail after uploading and i am not able to upload jpeg files only jpg, how can i change this? many thanks Oliver
  6. blackbelt007

    Customer Add Product

    Hi there, I have installed and all is well except I cant access account_manage as a user! Any ideas?
  7. blackbelt007

    Customer Add Product

    Someone has already mentioned this but I didnt see an asnwer. I am wanting my customers to purchase an advert, I have installed the CAP contrib and the enable/disable buy now buttons and I am hoping a customer can come to the site and buy an advert an be redirected to the CAP page of their account. The CAP priducts are all for viewing only not purchase so there is no issue with % of sales etc. I just need it automated! Many thanks in advance for any help given! Oliver
  8. blackbelt007

    Wishlist 3.0 Support Thread

    I have completed the install and my admin panel shows the wishlist option, but I cant view my page? I have double checked my code maiing sure I didn't miss one and all seems ok but I can no longer open the shop! www.owlwebs.co.uk/catalog Any help greatly appreciated. Ps. This is a very inportant feature for a project so I was extemely happy when I found it now and extemely bummed I cant get it to work!!! Thanks