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  1. Hi good evening dear frens would you mind telling me about the module or add on or contibution which can Manage The Content of HomePage From Admin Panel. if there is such module then inform me..with related forum.. waiting for your reply best regards vikaL
  2. Hi as i am studying ...and as i know the modules related to oscommerce, oscommerce do not support cross sell between the users or as you said multi sell from the user.. are you going to build such add on or contribution or what regards vikaL
  3. hi good morning can anyone tell me about cj catalog builder add on or contribution for oscommerce.. give me the hints of it ok vikal
  4. hi good after noon..well while product listing...and while showing product info..i need to show the total number of selling of particular product or say..total number of download... like as you show price just below the image of product is there such module then please inform me i will be very very grateful to you.... waiting for you suggestion and help and guidance for this... best regards vikal
  5. well would you mind anyone can tell me about the CAP 1.4.3.zip user upload the file..and at the same time of uploading he selects the curresponding category but again admin need to specify the category of that file... why so can't it goes directly to the that category after uploading what to do to bring it that category directly so that admin do not need to take tension to keep it to the corresponding category please suggest me with best regards vikaL
  6. hi good morning i have just installed this module Article Manager v 1.5.6.zip on my site... it's working in admin site but at the front end at the top of right column there comes this error.. Fatal error: Cannot redeclare tep_show_topic() (previously declared in C:\xampp\htdocs\article\article\includes\boxes\articles.php:13) in C:\xampp\htdocs\article\article\includes\boxes\articles.php on line 59.. please tell me how to fix this... waiting for your response best regards vikal
  7. hi i am have installed this module..articles_module_v0222-1.zip on my site at the admin side there displays a form to write article on the categories and product... and it works at the admin side.. but at the customer side after currencies table.. there is another table like this *********** Articles (2) *********** is it the output of article at customer side... can any one tell me about it so that i can get the correct output regards vikaL
  8. hi instead of star rated reviews..can't we use percentage progress of reviews so that user got the actual reviews in percentage is their such module...or add on if so please inform me hoping for best vikaL
  9. hi nice contribution well can anyone tell me..how to upload files like txt and pdf using contribution CAP 1.4.3.zip.. hoping for your suggestion vikal
  10. hi morning the above error is based on add-on module CAP 1.4.3.zip this is the error produce while clicking to the ICON_PREVIEW on the file account_manage.php and error on this function function tep_not_null($value) { if (is_array($value)) { if (sizeof($value) > 0) { return true; } else { return false; } } else { if (($value != '') && (strtolower($value) != 'null') && (@strlen(@trim($value)) > 0)) { return true; } else { return false; } } } would you mind solve this problem waiting for your reply with best regards vikal
  11. hi good afternoon the add-on CAP 1.4.3 upload only the images files, like jpg, gif and so on but i need to upload the zip, txt and pdf files from the user side.. guide me what to do.. or is their any module related to it with best regards vikal
  12. hi good morning after clicking into the news on Administration> Tool> News there comes this error News Article Title Fatal error: Call to undefined function tep_get_news_name() in C:\xampp\htdocs\ebook\admin\news.php on line 195 now tell me how to eliminate this error so that this add on work properly best regards vikal
  13. hi i have installed customize os-commerce with the add-Ons contribution CAP 1.4.3.zip... and able to maintain lots of things like... no need to approve the upload files from the customer from the admin side...customer have own right to manage those files if the product which has 0 price can easily download from products_info.php files....only condition is that he needs to be the registered user and if the price > 0 then to download that product he needs to go through the cart process yeah everything working now i have a problem please listen me and suggest me properly.. the product which is download from the customer side that product holds the customer_id...means belongs to the customer only and using oscommerse site if someone order for that product then admin takes the money... now the product order needs to go to the customer himself since it belongs to him only not the admin... so tell me how to manage those cross buy and sell between the customers...in oscommerce site...without interpretation of admin for any suggestion you will be granted with best regards vikaL
  14. in these days i am working with this add-Ons CAP 1.4.3.zip with oscommerce... but could not understand the meaning of it... once the user defines category while uploading the files now tell me what is the way to handle this so no need to define category from the admin panel why admin need to define category for that product...just one simple but highlighted for two different user.. i think it should be..corrected... and other things.. while uploading image from the user...it goes for two different directory with... catalog/images/ and catalog/images/thumbs this take space only so just upload that file to this directory only catalog/images/ i think it will be better... regards vikal