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  1. busterw

    How to disable MD5

    Nevermind on this. I discovered that when putting my auth.net module in live mode, that I no longer get the invalid credit card error.
  2. busterw

    How to disable MD5

    Is there a way to disable the MD5 hash at authorize.net? I am getting invalid credit card when trying to test.
  3. busterw

    How to link OSC to store owner's bank

    I'm still having a problem with this. My store is OSC 2.3.1. My customer has a merchant account but they have no payment gateway apaprently and their tech folks have never heard of OSC. FABULOUS! So, what is the most simple way for me to get this off the ground with their merchant account. Is it gonna be authorize.net? I've never done it this way so I have no clue where to begin, where to find the most up to date authorize.net module. Can you help me again? Thanks!
  4. I am running UPS-XML1.3.7 and the pre-loaded PayPal Express in my 2.3.1 OSC store. I have confirmed that the UPS-XML module is calculating the same shipping rate as UPS shows on their site. However, when the cart gets passed to PayPal, PayPal is calculating the shipping a good bit higher than my store and UPS show it should be. I had this problem with another store and found a fix for it, but I can't for the life of me remember what the problem was. I think it was something simple but can't find the solution by Googling. Can anyone tell me what it could be? Thanks!
  5. I have OSC sites for 2 customers that are both wanting to link their stores to their banks now, rather than using PayPal. I have no clue as to where to begin to be able to link directly to their bank. I know there is authorize.net and other, but I don't understand if authroize.net connects OSC to a store owner's bank as a payment gateway or if authroize.net is a replacement for paypal, that like paypal, keeps your funds in an account for you. Can someone lend some assistance as a starting point? Thanks for any direction someone can give me.
  6. busterw

    Process to get approved for payment processing

    So who is the company you used?
  7. busterw

    Paypal issue

    I have this exact same problem. Did you ever find a solution? Thanks!
  8. busterw

    PayPal Express Checkout and Shipping

    I am having a similar problem and am using UPSXML with dimensional support to calculate my shipping exactly. Within OSC, the shipping is calculating 100% accurately when verified against UPS.com. It shows for example my packages dimensional weight is 2lbs and the shipping is 13.34. When the buyer clicks paypal checkout and logins in to paypal and hits continue, it brings them back to our final confirmation page but paypal has passed back a shipping charge of 17.12. I put in a ticket with paypal and this was their response: So osCommerce is calculating the weight and passing that to us? Why are they not tracking the information internally. If they are sending the information to us but we are not returning the same value I would need all of the API requests and API responses that osCommerce is doing to look into this further. These are questions you would have your developer look deeper into. The request is the things oscommerce sends to us. The responses are things we send back to oscommerce telling them if its good or an error. How to get this information you would need to look into the documentation of oscommerce. If shipping is not calculated correctly you would have to find exactly where its breaking. Please have a developer look deeper into this issue or reply with the request and response.