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  1. Hi, I've scanned this thread trying to find an answer to the problem we're having and haven't had any luck. We installed this module roughly 6 months ago for a client. She just created a discount that's supposed to take 10% off of an entire order. It works as intended if a customer doesn't buy multiple quantities of the same product. However, if a customer tries to purchase 2 or more of the same product, the 10% is taken off multiple times. For example: 4 x Product A : $139.96 Discount Coupon : - 14.00 //displaying correct amount Sub-Total : 83.98 //incorrect sub-total What appears to be happening is the quantity is multiplying the discount and then subtracting from the total, like this: 4 quantity * 10% = 40% 139.96 - 40% = 83.98 Has anyone else experienced this error? If so, could you please point me in the right direction as to how to fix it? Thanks so much for your help. -Josh
  2. We have a Canadian client who we've installed Discount Coupons (3.31) for. However it seems that the module doesn't know how to handle the Canadian G.S.T. (Goods and Services Tax), as the invoice will generate a sub-total, factor in shipping, display the discount code and then...nothing. For example: Invoice for customer NOT using a Discount Coupon Sub-Total: $56.98 Canada Post (1 x 1.452kgs) (Regular, 2008-02-12): $7.69 G.S.T.: $2.85 Total: $67.52 Invoice for customer trying to use a Discount Coupon Sub-Total: $46.27 Canada Post (1 x 0.506kgs) (Expedited, 2008-02-19): $7.69 Discount Coupon gckw2732 applied: -$3.70 Has anyone else run into this problem? If so, can you please advise me in finding a solution? Is there a more robust discount coupon solution that I should know about? Any feedback is greatly appreciated! -Josh