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    Just looking ahead I see that I might have more trouble when I read the following lines:

    "First you need to create a key file. This is the file that is used to unlock your certificate once it is issued.


    openssl genrsa -out <KEYFILE NAME> 1024



    openssl genrsa -out lawrencefreenet.org.key 1024"


    How do I create this key file? Is this line openssl genrsa -out <KEYFILE NAME> 1024 some kind of command I type into the command line of the server? If so what do I do if my host doesn't allow ssh? Can I generate this key file on a local machine?


    Your help is greatly appreciated.


    Yes, those are commands you need to run on the command line on the server. Anytime something is surrounded by < and >, it means you should substitute something appropriate (and specific to you.)


    The key file will need to live on the web server. Dunno if you can generate it on a different machine and then upload it. I've never had reason to try that.