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  1. bikey77

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Hello, I'm quite new to OSC and I've just fininshed my 1st attempt to install STS on my v2.2 RC2 store. I believe to have done all the steps properly (I went with manual installation and modified my files manually) and now, in admin/modules/sts I'm getting a single line that says "Module Directory: http://localhost/MY_SITE_NAME/includes/modules/sts/" with the installation button next to it but nothing happens when I click "Install". What could be the issue? Thanks.
  2. bikey77

    Sts Install Button Not Working

    I'm bumping this old thread because I'm having the same problem, too. Any suggestions? I'm using Oscommerce RC2.2c and minor custom mods.
  3. bikey77

    Suburb Module needed

    I'm new to oscommerce and I've been assigned to make a few adjustments to a working osc eshop (v2.2). I need a module that will replace the Suburb text field with a drop down list from which the customer can select his Suburb. The store is a Local store and only delivers to certain Suburbs. Shipping is free no matter the Suburb so I don't need a shipping module that calculates fees. Also, I'd rather not to set this up by using postal codes but simply by Suburb names. As I said, I'm a osc newbie so I also need a few tips on how to install the module, I tried installing Local Delivery Option but I couldn't understand what I'm supposed to do as there aren't very explanatory instructions in the download package. I'm hoping someone will take a few moments to help me out, I'd like to thank you in advance for your time.
  4. bikey77

    Local Store with Local Delivery

    I've tried to setup this module so that customers will have a dropdown field to select their zone on the registration page but no luck yet. What are the steps required to do so? I've added the files to the root of my site, added some zones to my country in the admin panel but still no dropdown menu. Sometimes the documentation on modules is so limited it's like we ought to know how to configure everything by ourselves.
  5. bikey77

    Local Store with Local Delivery

    I'm bumping this old topic because I need the same thing. I'd like to have a dropdown list of areas teat the store delivers to so that, if the client can't find his suburb in the list, to not continue with the order. Is there a specific way or add-on to replace the free text field on user registration with a drop down menu with a list of areas?