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  1. mannitol

    Let's See What's New Here Image

    Will give it a go! Cheers Edit: Please look at the URL - http://scottwakehamltd.co.uk/oshop/index.p...aeb1560fd013418 the image is just "/images/" and is not defined. So I need to find the CSS etc to define the name..
  2. mannitol

    Let's See What's New Here Image

    The thing is, this image exists on my FTP! ^_^
  3. Hi guys, For some reason when viewing the page source, my online shop shows the "let's see what's new here" image source is "/images/" so it shows up as the red cross in a white box (for image not found). Where do I edit to remove this? It's not in the CSS where I can edit the style of the font displayed. I have searched the forum and the internet - it was said to be in default.php but I don't have that file? Any tips welcome :) Cheers
  4. mannitol

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Sorry to double post but I cannot edit by previous one. I added the border around the table on the left hand side. My next task is to put a border around the infobox "what's new" - so I edited the infobox template. This then applied a border around all of the headers i.e. categories, search etc. I tried making a new CSS class for it, however this still affects everything. I have a feeling the answer is obvious, but I just can't think of it. Any help? Cheers
  5. mannitol

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Ok, quick question - I have customised the look of my shop and edited infobox templates. However everything is pretty mundane using only two colours - http://scottwakehamltd.co.uk/oshop/index.php I'd like the left hand table to be a different colour to coincide with the main website - I found the table html code in the template however this doesn't change it. I'm assuming I need to code it into the style.css template? I'll have a go later and confirm either way if noone else has said anything. Cheers
  6. mannitol

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Ok so everything is installed - now I can modify the 'generic' looking theme by editing the sts template html file. However this won't change the way the info boxes appear? Which files do I need to modify to change the appearance of the infoboxes? Is it in the left/right column files or somewhere else? Cheers