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  1. Hello, Anyone get a chance to integrate the EPDQ payment gateway module? I have integrated it but it cannot working properly. Please share your experience so that my problem will be solved. Thanks
  2. eshban


    where can i download the complete package. I have download from here http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1858 but in it i did not find files affiliate_validproducts.php
  3. HI i am trying to integrate WISHLIST module in my OSCOMMERCE STORE . I am using this module. http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1682 THis installed successfully but the only problem i am facing is that "ADD to WISHLIST" link cannot appear any where. In manual you have mentioned at step 14 as " Place this code where you want the "My Wishlist" link to appear, whether it be on the account page or in the header. Your choice. Use this code: <a href=""> " But because of that code nothing will happen, plz guide me that how to write a code so that "ADD to wishlist" button will enable and displayed at website. plz help as this is very very urgent, thanks
  4. hello i have implemented "BARCLEYS ePDQ" payment gateway. It works fine but the only problem i am facing is that But when i checkout and the webpage redirects me to the Barclays Page, it shows Total amount "DOUBLED". Like if i do shopping of £55.00 pounds it displays £110.00 at Barclays. Similarly if i CHECKOUT in US DOLLARS then it displays Correct Total Amount, but then it display '£' symbol instead of that. I have checked at admin section of my oscommerce store. I have Selected '£' currency in that module settings Kindly help me that what can i do to avoid this error. Thanks
  5. hello is there any module which allows me to apply Discount w.r.t Quantity on my desired category? 1) 15% off on "Electronics" of quantity 1 - 100 2) 35 % off on "Electronics" of quantity 101 - 200 i have checked many modules, but nothing fulfills my requirement. Secondly i have totally changed my OScommerce Design (interface), so after installing some module, my design was totally destroyed. Kindly help in this regard
  6. hello, i have just setup my OScommerce based store. I have used its default " paypal " payment gateway. Actually in my store the default currency is "GBP", it works perfect, but when i finally click on checkoutit redirects me to the paypal website. here is the problem, after redirection it shows me '0' amount. But if i have change paypal currency into "$", from the admin section, then after checkout and when i have redirected to the paypal it shows me correct amount. i want to ask that why paypal not runs if i changed its currency to GBP. thanks