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  1. suscrofa

    Upgrading to the latest version

    Dear Jack; After I set up Edge with a few products, I wanted to make sure my payment and shipping modules worked. I tried to do a fake order, but every time I tried to 'buy' (place in shopping cart), I got an Internal server error message. I contacted my server, and they said my version was already old. I dl the version on the top of this post, installed the db, and changed the configure.php files. I then tried to 'buy' one of the products that came with the package and I get the same error message. I changed php version to 5.6 just in case. Still get eror message. Any clues to what is going on? Thanks for your help. Lark Burnham, Horton, Kansas, USA
  2. suscrofa

    how to install ??

    I got to the credentials page, entered e-mail, password, and Merchant ID, but do not know how to find API sig. I saved what was entered, but still getting the message under payment module about configuring API credentials. What is the API sig and how do I find it? Is that what is holding things up? Thanks. Lark
  3. suscrofa

    how to install ??

    I found 'Start', put in the account e-mail, and tried to put in the country, but the button will not let me procede.
  4. suscrofa

    how to install ??

    Dear Jack; After you recommended uploading the PayPal app, I decided to go to the Edge version, which already has it installed. I have been over the module several times, but I cannot find where to input the e-mail address of our account. I keep being told the module will not run without it. Please enlighten me. Thanks. Lark Burnham Horton, KS, USA
  5. Hi, Jack!


    I saw your replies to a guy with error (60) and SSL. I have that error as well, but mine says: Error from cURL: Error [60]: SSL certificate problem, verify that the CA cert is OK. Details: error:14090086:SSL routines:ssl3_get_server_certificate:certificate verify failed experienced by customer with id 21 Pam Keller on 2018-02-05 06:36:27

    I get this in an e-mail, no messages on the website. I turned off the Check SSL in admin, and server says everything is fine with the SSL. Is this a BOM problem as well?




    Lark Burnham, Horton, KS, USA


    1. Jack_mcs


      It could be. You need to replace the cert first to be sure it is a valid one. It was posted in that thread. When you save it, save it with a php editor. Other, non-php editors will cause the BOM problem. The file I had used was downloaded from a different site and I didn't think to verify the file until it wouldn't work.

  6. Bingo! I had to change the extra charge for large packages to get it down to the proper weight, but it worked. Thank you.One small item on the usps issue. Although Priority Mail shows up and the calculations are correct, I see some code before and after the TM like so: Priority Mail 1-Day<sup>™</sup>. This is on the checkout page under shipping. Not a major problem, but I thought you might know what to do about it. I looked at catalog/includes/language/English/modules/shipping/usps.php and catalog/includes/modules/shipping/usps.php but did not see this code. Any ideas? Not a big deal, I am very glad everything works now. Thanks again.Lark
  7. Hi, Jim; Sorry for the delay. I deleted the db called "restored" and discovered that was actually the active db for our store. Had to get server to restore it, and then follow your instructions. I did so, and no usps came up under configuration_key. Then I very carefully went through the install process (for the seventh time) and voila, it came up in checkout. I don't know what diod it. Maybe it was the db afterall. Whatever, it works.I was hoping you might have a suggestion why upsxml keeps putting a fifty lb. bag into two boxes and charges extra. I see nothing in admin that would cause this, and the product page lists the weight plus packaging correctly. Any ideas? Thanks again for your help.Lark
  8. Jim, thanks for responding so quickly. You may have already surmised that I am not a db guru. All I could find about shipping was a line under configuration_group. I could not see where to check what modules are available. I did see that the restored db is now listed separately. Should I delete this? I have successfully imported the data to the original. I am still at aloss.Lark
  9. Dear Jim;Thank you for answering questions regarding this usps module. In a reply to an earlier query, you suggested staying with usps methods. I changes to that via the quick install contrib in add-ons. I got it working last Friday and everything was hunky-dory. When working on a small problem in upsxml, I went back to a backup version of the db. That didn't help, so I tried to replace that with a backup of the one where usps was working. Since I saved that incorrectly, I had to call the server and get them to replace it with their backup. Guess what? Now usps does not work at our store. It appears in admin. I have tried to re-install it several times, using fresh code from the add-on. Admin looks fine, but usps does not show up when I try to do a fake order. I have changed the API twice since last week to see if that made a difference. It is switched to production. Do you have any idea what I could have done or need to do to make this module work again?
  10. suscrofa

    USPS International Shipping Options

    Will someone please tell me which code to change to make USPS Int'l shipping work? I have searched for hours but have found now clear answer. The above posts were the closest I have seen. I got the domestic USPS to work a few months ago, but now I need Int'l. Just when they change things. I have pored over the code and changed the few things I did find in forums, but to no avail. Please help. Lark
  11. suscrofa


    Relative newbie here. I found the usps.php file and changed the lower case words to caps as directed. I also tried uninstalling/reinstalling the usps moduke. However, I cannot find any SQL files, or a place ro update them. Please direct me to these files, please. Thanks. Lark
  12. suscrofa

    UPS module overcharging

    Thanks. Even though the tare is now zero, the computer is stilladding weight, although it is a fraction of a pound. How can I correct this?
  13. suscrofa

    UPS module overcharging

    Hi, I am a relative newbie to the e-commerce world. I took on the task after our programmer decided he didn't want to work with us. The site desperately needed work and we couldn't find anyone to do it at a reasonable rate. I have spent basically two months learning mostly by error how to change things. We seem to have a serious problem with calculations for UPS. It adds three pounds to whatever I buy. Any suggestions on how to correct this? Thanks.