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  1. please post here for Activation code support Thanks to the Authors that did this contrib.
  2. Nathali

    Information Pages Unlimited v1.0

    Hi, I would like to remove Information Pages Unlimited Contribution. Could someone help me what the syntax I should use in phpadmin to remove the contribution tables? would it be.. DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `information`; DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `information_group`; what about `configuration_group` TABLE and `configuration` TABLE ??? I should also remove some tables there.. right? Could someone please tell me the complete syntax to use? Thank you in advance ! Best Regards, Nathali
  3. Thanks again, Todd for your kind reply! Best Regards,
  4. Hello, I would like to know if this is a normal behavior of EP ? By using CUSTOM download: when I mark: price, quantity OR price, quantity, vendor (a new field I created) And I believe also at any combination I choose.. I get multiplied of "product_model" in the excel column. I assume because, I use the same "product model" for various Categories and sub Categories, and thats fine for me.. BUT, when I use "quick links" and download by model,price,quantity I get ONE single "product model" and no multiplied "product model"... ! Is it normal behavior of EP and I should't worry about, or I have a problem somewhere that I should fix? I use Easy Populate 2.76h-MS2 Thanks a lot for your kind attention.. Best Regards, Nathli
  5. Wonderful & kind person. helped me all the way to solve something with praiseworthy devotion. Also looks good :-) Thank you George!

  6. Thank you very much Todd !! I understand what you mean. Now my life will be much easier and inserting products prices will not be a nightmare anymore. :D Thanks again, Todd also for your previous advise ;) Have a nice weekend, Nathali
  7. Hi, I add a field named products_vendor_model to the database under Product Table. I also Modified easypopulate.php $custom_fields[TABLE_PRODUCTS] = array( 'products_vendor_model' => 'Supplier_model' ); Now I succeed to download by EP only CUSTOM download option with my new field. I would like to represend v_products_vendor_model to be the second column, right after the first column of v_product_model. Any advise how should i do that? do I need to enter that new field after any product_model I find in Easypopulate file?? Thanks, Nathali
  8. Nathali

    Faq Desk

    Hi Eveline, Thanks for your reply. Yes, I also fixed some small issues thanks to your contribution modification, but still it didn't help me to solve this main problem. Thanks again, Nathali
  9. Nathali

    Faq Desk

    When I press the preview button in the admin FAQ I don't see the text in the text field of the question/answer ?? I also can't see the text when I press the EDIT button to edit the text !! I tried everything without success. Could someone solve this mysteryp please ???? Thanks! Nathali
  10. Hi, Could I use extra product field and hide "the extra product field" from the public side of oscommerce? I need to use it only in the admin side of OSC. What parts of the installation I will have to skip over? Thanks for the attention, Nathali
  11. Nathali

    Extra product field contribution

    Hello george, Thank you very much for your reply.. If I understand good, that means: modification only to: XXXX/admin/xxxxx files.. for example, NOT TO catalog/includes/functions/general.php BUT YES TO catalog/admin/includes/functions/general.php and so on... Sorry for my silly illustration. :) Thanks a lot George for your kind help ! Best Regards, Nathali
  12. Hi, Could someone please guide me step by step what should I do to add another "model_number" that will be my "supplier_model_number"? - what should be the command for the SQL to add this field? - what will be the syntex I need to modify in admin/easypopulate.php file? - I use easypopulate EP_v2_76h_MS2 The "supplier_model_number" field that I want to add to EACH "product field" will help me to update prices directly from my supplier prices list (by using a excel macro..) this is the Only purpose for it. I need the possibility to download/upload/modify this "supplier_model_number" by EP.. I have more then 2500 products that I need to update every day.. since their prices changed daily! PLEASE COULD SOMEONE HELP ME? Please don't send me to read EP manual, I know that it explained there, but it is not so clear to me, since I am not strong as you in programming. If it is complicated for you to explained how should I do that.. OR the code modification is too complicated, I will be happy to pay you todo it for me. Hope someone here could be kind enough to help me.. Thanks, Nathali
  13. Nathali

    Faq Desk

    Any help please?
  14. Nathali

    Faq Desk

    Hi, I solved my problem in the faqdesk 2.2 contribution. I just installed the correction which is: For those that still have not found the solution to the above error. Place the following code right before the very end of the ?> of admin/includes/functions/general.php function tep_array_reverse($array) { if (function_exists('array_reverse')) { return array_reverse($array); } else { $reversed_array = array(); for ($i=sizeof($array)-1; $i>=0; $i--) { $reversed_array[] = $array[$i]; } return $reversed_array; } } And now I can represent it in my site BUT now I have another issue: When I press the preview button in the admin FAQ I don't see the text, question/answer ?? I also can't see the text when I press the EDIT button to edit the text !! Any help please ???? Thanks! Nathali
  15. You left me open-mouthed! How are you my dear? whish you health & plenty for 2010 and for the coming years!! :-)

  16. Nathali

    Compare My Price

    Hi Jack !! Thats good news. But still, as you said the "model number" complicates matters. So I guess, if I would like to use your contribution I have to use a direct link to each "model number" that I have and then copy the prices as you indicated. Thanks Jack for all your replies.. :) Best regards, Nathali
  17. Nathali

    Compare My Price

    Hi Jack, Thanks for the explanation. If you don't mind, please have a look on that website zap.co.il Search for KVR400X64C3A/1G OR simply find it in that link: zap.co.il/search.aspx?keyword=KVR400X64C3A/1G And in my oscommerce I have a "model number" of "KVR400X64C3A/1G" IS it possible to modify your contribution to know how to search model numbers only on that specific site and copy the prices ( 169 - 268 ) that represented for this model number ? (169 means the lower price that store sells this model and 268 is the higher price for that model number) Thanks Jack :thumbsup: Have a great weekend, Nathali
  18. Nathali

    Compare My Price

    Thanks :D Nice contribution I thought it could search in a website to find the right product by "model number" and copy its price.. Happy new year Jack.. :thumbsup:
  19. Nathali

    Compare My Price

    Sure it compares prices. But first it search the product to compare its price with.. So it search for the model number first at the site address that we enter in the admin.. then copy the price.. right? Please correct me if I am wrong.. Thanks
  20. Nathali

    Compare My Price

    Hi dear jack, How are you? Hope fine! I would like to install your contribution, that is what I have been looking for long time. would like please to know some details: I assume that your contribution compares prices by the "model number" value right? is the application could check and compare products also "from products comparison sites" that represent "model number" and (min.price) - (max.price)? Will be happy to get your reply. Thanks Regards, Nathali
  21. Hi, To modify the Easypopulate code I read in the manual.. it should be something like that: $custom_fields[TABLE_PRODUCTS] = array( 'Supplier_model_number' => 'Supplier_model' ); But what should be the SQL command to enter that supplier model number field(25char) to the database? Any help please?? Thanks, Nathali
  22. Hi.. I would like to add another field in my Database to my products that is name will be "supplier code" (25 chars) , that would hold my supplier "item numbers" and to modify Easypopulate to download/upload also the "supplier code" Is it complicated todo ?? Could someone help me to do that? Best Regards & happy new year, :D Nathali
  23. Nathali

    Faq Desk

    Hi.. I really need help to fix this problem.. I tried everything without success.. :( I installed the SQL INSERT INTO `configuration` (`configuration_title`, `configuration.. etc.. and it didn't fix the problem! Could someone please tell me how to remove this SQL value that I entered. Would also be glad to get some serious help to solve that problem.. Thank you.. Regards, Nathali
  24. Thanks for your reply Surfalot. I read it and saw your example how to add additional field. But still there are some more modifications in Easypopulate.php file as you said yourself, and also adding another "model number" to the database table. It's too complicated for me as I am not a programmer.. :( Anyway, I appreciate your advise on the matter. Thanks again & best regards, Nathali
  25. Hi, I use Easypopulate 2.76g I would like to add another "value" to my database. This value will be additional "model number" to the product model number. The additional "model number" will be my supplier's "model number". I would like to use easypopulate to update this additional "model number" and also to collect it when I use "download" option. It should come at column B in the excel sheet after the first "model number". Actually the second "model number" does not need serious modification on easypopulate, since it is a static value. Is there any patch for it ? please advise if you find something.. it will make my life much easier.. :) Best Regards! Nathali