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  1. jackrussel4

    STS with UPS fedex

    Anyone ever use UPS or fedex with STS? I remeber i made it work a few years ago, but for the life of me i cant remember what i did. 4 days of hell!
  2. I hope this is the official STS thread! Hello everyone, has anyone ever lost shipping information in sts whielst using sts (BK's latests) and UPS rates and fees or Fedex rates? I remember there was some configuration that needed to be done, but this is starnge, getting hung up and nothing in apache error logs. :/ meh anyone ever have this same issue?
  3. I replied to a layout answer in STS templates and it brought me out of the official thread. SORRY! Has anyone lost shipping address information whilest using STS and UPS XML rates and fees or fed ex integration? Its a strange error, Apache error log shows nothing but the error log from ups is telling me im not sending any shipping info I had this problem years ago and remember it was something fairly easy.
  4. this is not my picture

  5. jackrussel4

    Non-Scrolling Background

    with STS, you can bring any design concept to markup- assuming you have an some understanding of css. This is a nice background image/site. I am assuming that if you are asking, your css is not strong enough to modify/test/ such a complex nested css working in all browsers. no offense meant at all! I can tell you a compromise would be alot easier for you and have attached a key that should help you get going. I hope that helps!
  6. jackrussel4

    STS with UPS fedex

    Hey Bill sorry. Youve done alot for the community. my web was so bad dropping i wasnt sure the first made it through!
  7. jackrussel4

    STS with UPS rates

    Anyone ever use UPS rates and fees with STS templates? Is there a fed ex module that can work? I hate asking, but after 4 days suffering id figure id ask and post my results.