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Dan Cole

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Status Updates posted by Dan Cole

  1. The Third installment of the 28d Project is in the works.  See the topic below.


  2. Holy, Smoly 31 likes in March....well done and congratulations on MOTM Dom!

  3. Congratulions Jim. This is your 4th time as MOTM. That says it all. Well done!

    1. raiwa



    2. ArtcoInc


      Congrats !!!

  4. Congratulations on MOTM Jack..you're very active here and go out of your way to help and contribute to the community where possible. Well deserved.

    1. MrPhil


      Once again, Jack follows me to MOTM. Here's your tiara and sceptre, and congratulations on a job well done!

    2. altoid


      Congrats Jack

  5. MOTM. Congratulations Heather. I guess you didn't upset everyone.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. altoid


      A toast to the Queen of Optimism


    3. Mort-lemur
    4. Tsimi


      I told you they'll get over it. ;)

  6. Merry Christmas Everyone!

    1. Biancoblu


      Merry (belated) Xmas to you too, and a Glorious New Year! :)


    2. Dan Cole

      Dan Cole

      Thanks Biancoblu...I was beginning to think that I was the only one who knew it was Christmas. ;)

    3. Biancoblu


      LOL, it often happens here ;)

  7. New MOTM. Congratulations De Dokta...well deserved!

  8. Just noticed we have a new MOTM. Congratulations Steve!!

    1. auzStar


      Congrats. Well done!

    2. altoid
  9. Congratulations Lambros!! You go the extra mile when helping others. Well deserved MOTM.

    1. altoid


      If nobody steps up I am going to fill the shop with doggie tutus

  10. Avatar inspired by Lambros, the King of Avatars!

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    2. Dan Cole

      Dan Cole

      I think it was a good choice...50 years young.

    3. Tsimi


      lol i am not the only one that changes avatars here (altoid) but i am glad to see that others get inspired by me...;) Nice Avatar btw.

    4. Dan Cole

      Dan Cole

      I hoped that you would get a chuckle out of that. lol Yes, altoid seems to be following in someones foot steps. ;)

  11. Avatar inspired by Lambros

  12. MOTM - MrPhil; I've always found MrPhil's posts well thought out, helpful and non-judgemental. Excellent Choice. Congratulations Phil!

    1. MrPhil


      Thanks! Sometimes I don't succeed in keeping it totally non-judgmental, but I try to keep it professional.

    2. multimixer


      MrPhils posts are like small tutorials most of the time, that is really great, always something new to learn