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  1. haggisholder

    [Contribution] Discount Coupon Codes

    Anybody know why admin/coupons.php on line 14 requires includes/functions/coupons.php when includes/functions/coupons.php does not exist in the contribution? This is killing me. Everything seems to work OK except that this missing file prevents me from being able to add any coupons in admin. Can someone send me the file that should be placed in includes/functions ?
  2. haggisholder

    USPS Shipping Module Error

    I can successfully install and use USPS Methods for domestic and international orders, but when I try to install the Update for Rates and Services, International quotes fail. In the admin section for shipping modules, there are no checkboxes for international shipping methods. This whole process is disappointingly kludgy, and I have PHP/MySQL experience. In the instructions for installing the Update for Rates and Services, it says: " *************************************************************************** Find this section around line 49: $this->intl_types = array('GXG Document' => 'Global Express Guaranteed Document Service', 'GXG Non-Document' => 'Global Express Guaranteed Non-Document Service', 'Express' => 'Global Express Mail (EMS)', 'Priority Lg' => 'Global Priority Mail - Flat-rate Envelope (Large)', 'Priority Sm' => 'Global Priority Mail - Flat-rate Envelope (Small)', 'Priority Var' => 'Global Priority Mail - Variable Weight (Single)', 'Airmail Letter' => 'Airmail Letter Post', 'Airmail Parcel' => 'Airmail Parcel Post', 'Surface Letter' => 'Economy (Surface) Letter Post', 'Surface Post' => 'Economy (Surface) Parcel Post'); Comment out and change to this: $this->intl_types = array('GXG' => 'Global Express Guaranteed', 'GXG Non-Doc Rect' => 'Global Express Guaranteed Non-Document Rectangular', 'GXG Non-Doc Non-Rect' => 'Global Express Guaranteed Non-Document Non-Rectangular', 'Express' => 'Express Mail International (EMS)', 'Express FlatEnv' => 'Express Mail International (EMS) Flat Rate Envelope', 'Priority Intl' => 'Priority Mail International', 'Priority Intl FlatEnv' => 'Priority Mail International Flat Rate Envelope', 'Priority Intl FlatBox' => 'Priority Mail International Flat Rate Box', 'FirstClass Intl' => 'First-Class Mail International'); *************************************************************************** " The code it says to locate does not exist. In the original USPS.PHP file I extracted from the USPS Methods .ZIP, the code block it says to replace has already been replaced. Later, when the instructions say to find and replace the code around line 154 (155 in the file I have), I get suspicious. This query doesn't seem to jive with the code block that creates the array. It seems to me that I've got bits and pieces of the whole solution, but I can't seem to get all functions to work.