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  1. KVallema

    [Contribution] Auction Module

    It is the time of the year again where I have to run our annual auction. Everything works....except the timer... Timer shows first everything fine.....then 1h1min before the end....the counter jumps to 1min left....does the countdown to 0....and stops showing the bid-box....but the timer goes back to 59min left.... I have implemented the alternate countdown script suggested in the forums....so I have a feeling that the product-info-page is still referring to a different countdown? Can anyone help? best regards, Kimmo
  2. ONE MORE UPDATE: I've managed to juggle around with the times....still would like to get it fixed though... Now found out that the product was not inserted into the cart though...not a big deal though as we'll probably want to deal with these through manual orders anyway....but have to change the wording in the outgoing email to reflect this....and obviously there might be something wrong with the code or my setup that prevents it from being added to the cart....
  3. Since I can't edit my own text....here's an update... I was wrong on the shop-location...we're running auction on EST... So my setup is AUCTIONS TIME: UTC-4 (set up in the /includes/modules/setup.php) SERVER TIME: UTC-5 (system clock) ME: UTC+2... I think it's okay that you have to enter the end-time for the auction taking the UTC-4 into account in your mind. However...the countdown script is using the AUCTIONS-time, but the logic that allows bidding seems to be looking at the system-time...(same with the admin-page for auctions). Is there something that could be done with this? I think they should all refer to the AUCTIONS-time. Also...curiousity is that I set up a product with start price at 1,000$...but the minimum bid (before any bids were made) was set at 51$...it also accepted it without having to tick the 'rules' -box. After the initial bid was done...the enforcement of minimum increments and rules-tickbox checks worked fine. For my purposes I can go around it by creating a 'reserve-price' on the product and doing the first bid myself always....but it's not ideal. Anyone help me with these?? cheers, Kimmo
  4. I think I still have some time-issues..... I managed to find the file SETUP.PHP that solved my timing-issues. The auctions were running totally off-sync with the server clock....then changed the // Time difference with UTC in hours. If you are west of UTC time, put a minus in front of the hours $utc_diff = -4; and that solved it....but I do not think 100%.... for some reason...the system still allowed bids after the countdown was done.....for a number of hours... Now however, more than 12 hours later (don't know exactly when it stopped) the auction. Just tested it again with a new product. I've set it up...and the timer and everything works fine...except that I was just able to place a bid even when the 'Time remaining' shows 'Countdown complete'. Also setting up a new auction....I set it to finish about 3min later...saved it...in the admin-backend....where all the auctions are shown, the list showed it as "Auction Finished" even if the public page still showed it okay... I think these are all related to timing issues where the server-time (in the US somewhere 7h behind me)..I am in Amsterdam Netherlands....so I guess that would make me UTC+1 or UTC+2....our shop is in Denver though so I've set the auction-script at UTC-4 (I thought it would be -6, but that's the setting that seems to work). So can anyone help me??? As a minor side-annoyance is that the product to be auctioned still shows under New Products etc...and through there is clickable...and the Buy Now -stuff is shown...so people can place it in their baskets! :( This I am going to try to solve by using the Contrib that allows admins to define whether to show the Buy Now and the other icon (which I forget now) or not on a product-by-product -basis. cheers, kimmo
  5. KVallema

    [Contribution] Auction Module

    Hey....great to see some changes with this mod. It actually forced me to upgrade the entire OSC...not an entirely easy experience from an ancient version to the latest... I installed then this new version of the mod as well....and everything seems fine....a number of 'headers already sent'-errors...but managed to hide them for now... but the biggest prob I have at the moment is the following: Overbid works....so it prevents you from bidding lower than the previous bid...however, no matter what the overbid amount is...(it actually does show the "Bidding increments must be at least: $xxxx" text) it accepts any bet higher than the previous. I also had time-issues. The counter shows the "Auction expires on (EST): 2008-05-14 12:00:00 (Time Remaining : Countdown complete)" but still accepts bids. cheers, Kimmo
  6. KVallema

    [Contribution] Auction Module

    and my countdown is continuously the same...no matter what I change to the TZ offset...
  7. KVallema

    [Contribution] Auction Module

    okay...but now something else showed up....it allows me to place bids below the minimum...I might've repaired the thing to pieces :(
  8. KVallema

    [Contribution] Auction Module

    I have to look into removing the Add to Cart or Buy Now links from the what's new pages a bit later....just ran into a curious problem I got the outbid-emails going out...did some re-writing for the email...and realized there was something funky with the highest bidder thingy I've done the change mentioned here a bit earlier to show the firstname of the bidders...but now that I go and make a bid...the new highest bid gets registered on the list...but the firstname doesn't change... I am about to hire someone to install this thingy for me and fix all the bugs....but before I go and spend my money...anyone here that can help me?? I also need to get the overbid amount thing working as well... :(
  9. KVallema

    [Contribution] Auction Module

    hmm....I didn't find this 'second' instance...but I think maybe I am referring to the wrong place...it's the NEW PRODUCTS section that has the BUY NOW -link cheers, KImmo
  10. KVallema

    [Contribution] Auction Module

    Love the contrib... Having installed it now on our non-profit org....just one tiny annoyance....we auction items to collect money for the organization...for some reason the 'buy now' -icon is there for the product as well.... I don't want to sell the product at all, just auction it to highest bidder. Did I miss something or is there some way to disable the product as a 'purchaseable' (is that even a word) but keep it as an auction-item. cheers, Kimmo