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  1. MrMayberry

    Admin Dashboard

    This may be an easy one! Can/how do I change the layout of the admin dashboard? Where would one change layout or what is being shown? Thanks in advance...
  2. MrMayberry

    Categories Menu

    Thank you for the update, it is working great now!
  3. MrMayberry

    Product Description Formatting

    Thank you for the update! Any date for the next release?
  4. MrMayberry

    Categories Menu

    Looking for the reason why my "Categories" and "Left" menu at the top of the index page works great, but after switching to certain pages it looses it's formatting and colors? See Below: And then when I click on Memberships: I highlighted the menu to show that it is there but not visible? Can you help? Thanks in advance.
  5. Looking to get this to show up with formatting on the site? But it shows up like this: The short description shows up like it should - but does it allow returns?/Break code?/HTML? The product description however doesn't carry any formatting along to the site: This template has been built by using the furniture theme. Is this changeable or allowable to get the formatting to show on the website for the product description and if changeable were would I find this setting? Thanks in advance.
  6. MrMayberry

    Sales Stats Export Not Working

    Ivan, XLS is working, I can save as CVS from there. Thanks for the help.
  7. MrMayberry

    Pet Peev Customization

    Ivan, Yes it appears to be all working! Thank you for all of your help...
  8. MrMayberry

    Sales Stats Export Not Working

    Looking to export a weekly report to csv out of the the sales statistic report system: Once I export I get this: Not sure the language or why it isn't legible? Thanks for the help.
  9. MrMayberry

    Pet Peev Customization

    @Ivan Holbi I may have messed up your changes if you changed the search results screen? I had to do a restore on the site theme and it appears that what you changed may have gotten erased? Here is my current results page on DESKTOP theme: (looks good except missing the left categories? You had fixed the categories, but the formatting was a bit off) Also the MOBILE theme is even worse: ( Here is the link for the image below - mobile side - https://www.chasinglibertyusa.com/catalog/all-products?keywords=&search_in_description=1) Any help would be greatly appreciated
  10. MrMayberry

    Pet Peev Customization

    ivan, Thanks for the update, I found and changed everything that I could but still can't seem to change the "Component": Also I see that you may have changed/updated my search result screen? Can you tell me where I can change it further? What is it called in the template editor, filename/location? Would like to change the title at top "Full product range..." also looks like the Sort By and Show are set at 100% width, would like to make it look better? Thanks for all of your help, greatly appreciated!
  11. MrMayberry

    Product descriptions

    I seem to be having the same issue? Did you ever get this resolved?
  12. I have setup 3 different warehouses with inventory in each one. These each have different address/zip/postal codes. I was thinking that this would generate different shipping quotes depending on the item selected, for example: Customer is from New York and they pick an item that is warehoused in California it would be $100.00 or Value1? Same Customer is from New York and they pick an item that is warehoused in Virginia it would be $35.00 or Value2? Is this not how the warehouse setup should work? Or am I missing something else? Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  13. MrMayberry

    Search Widget Error

    This is all I have for the frontend logs? I will DM all log files.
  14. MrMayberry

    Pet Peev Customization

    Found it, located mostly in the "Menus" under design and CMS. But there is still a component called "Customer care" with the lower case? Where are the components setup at? Thanks for all the responses...
  15. MrMayberry

    Pet Peev Customization

    This is so little and probably an oversight on my part, but I can't find how to update. Trying to fix the "c" in the word "care" and make it capital: I have looked/found it in the "pages' screen in the template editor. I can't seem to change the title of the page under components? Can somebody lead me to area to change this so small cosmetic issue. Thanks in advance...