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  1. I was going to recommend donations. I'll be sure to send a donation as soon as I fully put this addon to use ;)
  2. http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8743 I would like to start a discussion about this contribution because it really is a good idea. I took the liberty to downgrade it to 2.2 and would like to add some ideas here. - It would be great to have both image and text show up. I think that should be an easy fix. - There could be language devided fields for stores with multiple languages. I'm using the contrib for a sale right now, but all users see the same language (image text). So a different image (or html text) should be set for separate languages. Although it should be easy to set it to only one $language for the time being.
  3. I now realize that price including tax isn't a database entry and the Gross price effects the Net price in the regular product edit page, but only net is posted to the database. It would be great to add that feature into AAC.
  4. That's awesome. You have some great ideas, John. This contrib can totally substitute for EasyPopulate, which I never got used to because its so complicated. I got the short description showing just fine, really easy to set up. I'm also wondering if it is possible to have Gross price editable instead of Net price, because I have to calculate net price first to get correct gross (gross price is more important for us).
  5. Fyod

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    I have a new issue. Order number #123 of #130 for example - I go to edit the order to add a product. The product is added just fine, but the shipping price disappears and the Total is not updated (neither minus shipping, nor plus new product). And the order dissappears from the orders list. Had a look in the database and after adding the product, a new set of order_totals_id is set with the highest available numbers for order 123. Now, here's the catch - I made a test order (ie. #131) and it edited completely fine. This leads me to think the problem is related to the order_totals_id (four of them) for that product are not supposed to set a higher number, rather ajax should just edit the values of the existing order_totals_id. Anyone else had this problem? I overwrote the ftp files associated with the editor, v 5.0.9 just in case, to no avail.
  6. Thanks for your reply John. Try "háčky čárky řepa". Truth is, I'm adding this to oscmax 2.5 where the database is set to utf8_czech_ci, also I've checked that all pages are UTF-8 and of course the charset is set to UTF-8. I found somewhere that the code is 'javascript escape characters' and can be decoded, but its not too handy. function js_decode($string){ $trans=array( "\u0160" => "Š", "\u017d" => "Ž", "\u0161" => "š", "\u017e" => "ž", "\u00c1" => "Á", "\u00c9" => "É", "\u00da" => "Ú", "\u00dd" => "Ý", "\u00e1" => "á", "\u00e4" => "ä", "\u00e9" => "é", "\u00ed" => "í", "\u00fa" => "ú", "\u00fd" => "ý", "\u010c" => "Č", "\u010d" => "č", "\u010e" => "Ď", "\u010f" => "ď", "\u011a" => "Ě", "\u011b" => "ě", "\u013e" => "ľ", "\u0147" => "Ň", "\u0148" => "ň", "\u0158" => "Ř", "\u0159" => "ř", "\u0164" => "Ť", "\u0165" => "ť", "\u016e" => "Ů", "\u016f" => "ů", "\u017d" => "Ž", "\u017e" => "ž", "\\" =>''); return strtr($string , $trans); } Also I would like to ask about the fields in your contribution. Is it possible to add extras? Oscmax had product fields like 'products_short' and I will have my own 'product_youtube' field. Thanks!
  7. Great contrib! I have installed this and am having problems with saving products description in central european charachters. (č, ř, ž, ě, š...) Any way to fix this? I'm getting %u017E, %u011B etc.
  8. Fyod

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Anyone having problems with ajax not working although it is turned on, here's what I had wrong - you MUST have atleast one Zone in the localization. I deleted mine for later setup and the javascript for the editor gets stuck on a zone call. tags: ajax, no ajax, ajax problem
  9. Fyod

    Mail Manager

    Hi Jase, seems it's just the <body> tags causing this. I haven't yet tested whether the emails would work ok without a body tag, which would solve it. I guess another way around it would be to open templates in a blank window.
  10. Fyod

    Mail Manager

    Great addon guys! Just one tiny flaw. When I preview some of the templates (Choice, Cssosc, Bluebox) , they throw off my admin side code (I have a heavily customized admin), mainly the page width (mine's set to 1250px) and/or body background. I'm too tired to go through the code, but it's probably just a small mistake somewhere, or the mail template code is overriding something. I'll see if I can find it tomorrow. Cheers!
  11. Fyod

    E.U. VAT Intracom Number

    Has anyone been able to implement this into Onepage (Ajax) Checkout?
  12. I would like to offer the option fo the customer to pick up their order at various branches. There will be one price for this. It should be in the shipping module as a shipping method with a dropdown choice of where to pick the order up. I found http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8342 but that only shows the prices in the dropdown and does not add that choice to the database to be able to be shown in the administration. Is there a different contrib for this? Thanks.
  13. Just coming back to this to ask if anyone knows why UTF-32 needs to be used to make characters work although UTF-8 is otherwise sufficient?
  14. I can't directly answer your questions, but if you're php-savvy, I recommend downloading the latest installation of oscMax and go through / compare the checkout files. The reason being that Max has this contribution fully functional and this has helped me resolve some issues I've had.
  15. So I changed line 1596 in includes/classes/onepage_checkout.php from if(function_exists('mb_check_encoding') && mb_check_encoding($inputs,'UTF-8')) to if(function_exists('mb_check_encoding') && mb_check_encoding($inputs,'UTF-32')) and it works fine. Why this is I have no idea. Took me two months of trial and error to find this :'(
  16. Atleast need some clues. In my opinion, Ajax isn't enetring the correct characters into the database. How do I fix this? Ajax charset is set to UTF-8 (as is everything else).
  17. Did anyone ever resolve this? I have spent days trying to come up with how to fix this. I've converted everything to UTF-8, everything works great except when Ajax writes the name/address into the database, the foreign characters turn into question marks. If I change them myself in SQL, checkout.php shows them just fine, but one I edit the address in checkout.php, they show up as question marks again. Can anyone help? I am seriously running out of faith.
  18. Hi everyone! I've been using osCom for years, but I'm stumped on this one. Here's the case: The store is selling decals. Curently, there's a single base price for each product, ie. $1.00. The price is for one decal and this is the price we want shown in the product overview. But in the product description, we want prices specified for packs. Example: 10-20 ... $0.8 /ea 21-30 ... $0.7 /ea So when the customer changes the quantity from 1pc to 15pcs and reloads, the subtotal shown would be $12.00 (instead of $15.00 regular price). Could you recommend a good contrib for this?
  19. Fyod

    Header Tags SEO

    I would like to thank the author of this contribution for a great addon with AMAZING instructions. It probably has the greatest instructions I have ever seen in a contribution and I also like the /docs file with all the helpful info. I have yet to install it, and I hope to get some better search engine positions, but this deserves a big "thumbs up" just for the way it was thought through. Thank You!!
  20. So I've played around with it a lot, it really is great. Last problem I have now is that I added some Text boxes to the products, which can be filled in, everything works on the customer side, even the shopping cart shows everthing fine, but in admin when I look at the order, instead of the real text that the customer fills in, I get "CUSTOMER-INPUT". Any way to fix this?
  21. Got it, shopping_cart.php. My bad.
  22. Ok, any idea which file I should look at to solve the empty cart problem in my last post?