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  1. I know I got it from the old down for maint...link is here http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1057 You may have to start searching through the code from one of the releases that state (exclued ip)..I will look through my code, but it has been about a year since I installed it... Let us know if you found the right code.
  2. fadedlazer

    Zone Rates - Shipping Table Limits

    maybe we would be better off posting in the general support area because it seems more of the technical php and sql questions are posted and answered there. Did you try going to your database and changing your varchar to text or changing the max length to more than 255. I would try it, but i have feeling it will mean that all fields will be read as say 900 characters, even if the field only contains an email address. does this make sense to you?
  3. I am setting up a zone rate shipping table, and the max is 255 characters. The rest of my shipping rates get trunicated. Does anyone have an idea of what type I can change it to without affecting the oscommerce database. Currently the table Configuration is the table that holds the data for the zone shipping rates. The configuration value field also holds values for many other things. would changing it to a text type affect anything? Or should I just type in a length value longer than 255 and let the database convert to whatever it thinks is neccessary, i think it would automatically change to a text field.
  4. I believe this has already been done. I can't remember where I got it from but here is what it does. I click true on the Down for maint section, and it automatically updated my ip. Now when I go to my website i can still browse and purchase, but the little red area accross the top says my site is currently set to down for maint to the public. I do not have to type my ip in at all. Is this what your looking for? If so, I might be able to look over my code in the next few days if no one else knows where to find it. Not sure how much time I will have.
  5. fadedlazer

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    I been having the same problems of the status not updating. I took an approach using the oscommerce admin section of "enhanced whos online" to watch the ipn try to communicate. I know it is paypal, because the address it is visiting is the ipn.php. I notice that it is trying to communicate with my site, but the address is not right. I am using a shared SSL, so when my site is in secure mode the address is https://hostxx.ipowerweb/~username/ext/modu...pal_ipn/ipn.php However, my normal site address is http://mywebsite.com Paypal is doing somethig funny, it seems to be going to be mixing the addresses. It is going to http://mywebsite.com/username/ext/modules/payment/paypal_ipn/ipn.php Anyone know what coding would be responsible? what part of the coding automatically tells paypal what address to respond to? Any of the other people complaning about the status not updating, also using shared ssl?
  6. fadedlazer

    ThumbNails and WaterMarks OnTheFly

    the reason I chose mimage to replace image in the html_output.php, was because I saw an mimage being used in the thumb.php It was kind of an off the wall thing to do, but it worked. Now both my thumbnails and popup images have watermarks even if I have the thumbs.php $watermark set to 0. It is a fix at least temporarily. I am also on a shared server and my hosting company is using freebsd 4.8 release. I will look more in depth at what is happening when I have more time and post my findings then. Thanks for the contribution
  7. fadedlazer

    ThumbNails and WaterMarks OnTheFly

    I went into includes/functions/html_output.php and changed $image = str_replace(".jpg",".thumb",$image); to $mimage = str_replace(".jpg",".thumb",$mimage); Basically added the m before image. Not sure why, but this lets all the thumbnails show up and with watermarks..I guess I will stick with this until I find another fix.
  8. fadedlazer

    ThumbNails and WaterMarks OnTheFly

    Okay, i give up for now..it seems the problem is the path. home/mypath/www/thumbs.php /thumbs.php?/~mypath/home/www/images/image.jpg For some reason it is switching the path around the absolute path is correct, but when reading the short path, it switches "home" and "mypath". ideally, the short path could just read home/public_html and have no need for ~mypath. any ideas
  9. fadedlazer

    ThumbNails and WaterMarks OnTheFly

    okay, all the thumbnails. are pointing toward imagename.thumb is the.thumb supposed to change back to .jpg. which files makes it change from thumb to jpg
  10. fadedlazer

    ThumbNails and WaterMarks OnTheFly

    I have the same broken image deal as first mentioned. when looking into my logs. they mention thumbs.php..The file is named thumb.php. IS there supposed to be an "s" THUMBS instead of THUMB.php anyone else know what I mean home/mypath/www/thumbs.php /thumbs.php?/~mypath/home/www/images/image.jpg Also, where it says mypath one has a '~' and one does not.. is that what is causing the broken images?
  11. I think your problem is white space. aka too much blank space at the end of all the code. Go to kidzdens/public_html/catalog/includes/header_tags.php and at the very end and hit delete or backspace depending on where your curser is.. if it is at the end of the code then hit delete..if there is white space between your cursor and end of code, use backspace of course..so delete all the space so that your cursor ends up at the end of the code and can't go any further down..and try the same thing for clean_html php page(s) if that doesn't work. post and tell us if that worked or not. Dan
  12. the tricky part is the replacement of the ; with the , I didn't catch that the first time as the instructions had it as if there was already a comma. In the instructions it says to find certain text, which already had the semi-colon replaced with a comma Here is the updated instructions for the first change in config (around line 279)..you do the same for the others as well. find the following lines: $sql_data_array = array('products_name' => tep_db_prepare_input($HTTP_POST_VARS['products_name'][$language_id]), 'products_description' => tep_db_prepare_input($HTTP_POST_VARS['products_description'][$language_id]), 'products_url' => tep_db_prepare_input($HTTP_POST_VARS['products_url'][$language_id]); Change the ; to a , Now add the following lines after that 'products_head_title_tag' => tep_db_prepare_input($HTTP_POST_VARS['products_head_title_tag'][$language_id]), 'products_head_desc_tag' => tep_db_prepare_input($HTTP_POST_VARS['products_head_desc_tag'][$language_id]), 'products_head_keywords_tag' => tep_db_prepare_input($HTTP_POST_VARS['products_head_keywords_tag'][$language_id])); I think that is why you guys are having problems. Please post whether that helped or not. Dan
  13. i think it is time to rewrite the instructions. Everyone is having minor problems. and I have noticed the missing } and a missing ;, as well as a redundant instruction. Also not sure, but in the header file that defines everything. I think it assumes index.php is actually default.php, so that might have to be changed for ms2.2. Please post all the errors you have found so we can put together a perfect instruction set. I wish I had more time to do this, but have been busy recently.. If anyone else wants to do this, please go for it..and keep us up to date
  14. Nevermind, I was trying to install the V2.1 instead of the 1.2. It works like a charm now.
  15. do you have any other mods installed? You are sure that you have copied all the files needed and modify the application_top.php