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  1. Hi James I don't suppose you would like to share how you were able to acheive this? :blink:
  2. terrielee


    Yes well it would help if I had chosen the correct file. RewriteEngine On has to go into ht access in ADMIN. Silly me!
  3. terrielee


    I am trying to install fck editor. Got it up and running successfully on the test site which is rc1 but unfortunatley my live site is ms2. I have a lovely picture of my cookies page where the editor is supposed to be. Any one got any ideas?
  4. I too am looking for this. I Have all 3 contributions but there is no variable for the weight or price. I have managed to add the extra box for weight but have no idea how to make them dynamic and save multiple weights or multiple prices. Ideas anyone. More importantly what part of the current code gives the variable option and value.
  5. http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/160
  6. I bet it is something simple that I overlooked but does anyone have a clue how to put individual boxes around each sub-category on the categories page??
  7. I can not think of a single reason why your code would show up in your admin like that without anything changing in the file. If you do want to check files I suggest you download them from the site via an ftp program like filezilla and look at them on your computer, that way there is no chance of anything strange happening. You may have to get a file compare program and check the file that is currently in your server with the one you posted. I have rechecked your code from the previous posting and the option type feature looks ok. You also have a sort option code in there and I do not know how that affects things. I still think that the problem is in your check out process because thats where the problem starts.
  8. No idea with out knowing what you have done. I know you downloaded your product attributes file as I saw your other post. You are using option type feature by the way but when I compared my file to yours it was SO different yet I recognised the code. How are you accessing your php. files for your store? Via ftp or file manager in admin. Can you send a copy of your checkout_process.php. I will try and see if the error is there.
  9. terrielee

    Problem with Product_Attributes.PHP file

    Did you end up installing Option Feature Type? I have just checked your above file and can not work out why Your column spaces are completely different to mine, when I have another large contribution added. eg where I have 6 columns you have 3. Where I have 6 you have 8. We know there is a prob with your col count as that is the error you have received what it is exactly I am not sure. Did you run the query twice or maybe installed a contrib and removed it without adjusting your database? Sorry just suggestions.
  10. Hi I don't know anything about the pop up mod but I use ultrapics. It is an excellent contribution. On the products description page, you can actually use a further 6 images each with their own pop up. Whatever size image you upload is the size it displays. For the pop up If you wanted a particular size only, you would have to edit it to that size.
  11. No problem, thanks for the help thus far, I may even have a crack at it myself! :D
  12. terrielee

    Easy Populate 2.76e-MS2

    Try the support thread http://www.oscommerce.com/forums/index.php?sho...244&st=5980 Save yourself time and go to the last 2 or 3 pages.
  13. Ok sounds like Option Type Feature. Do you have in your Products attributes in Admin these headings? ID Option Name Option Type Length Comment Action ? Still not sure? check /product_info.php for a code //030714. If you have these then its Option Type features. Otherwise Is there any way you can ask the designer?
  14. Thank you! looking forward to it but I really don't need the prefix. I am using actual attribute weight and would love to get rid of that prefix box!
  15. Check your product attributes.php located at /admin/products_attributes.php. Look for numbers letters like this //CLR 030312 or //BOF etc. They will be noticeable as they are always preceeded by // and they will be repeated through out the file. If we can work out which contribution you are using we can try and find the problem. I am no expert but it sounds like the correct code is not in your checkout_process.php By the way are the attributes showing up correctly in your shopping cart?
  16. Can you share how you achieved this? I just need to add a weight box, no prefixes.
  17. Are you adding attributes via oscommerce default or through an added contribution?
  18. Ha ha ha! It would also help to alter the easypopulate file but up until 3 months ago I had never even heard of php. Would really appreciate help on this.
  19. Thanks ever so much for that it works perfectly!!!! Have another question. I am not using default weights and I have 'add weights to attributes' so I can not use the weights column in the EP excel. I decided to experiment and tried adding a column after each of my attributes and named it v_attributes_values_weight_?_? the question marks being the various values of the attribute. This did not work. Any ideas on how to make this work? Mind you I only inserted the column after each attribute value I was using. Maybe I need to insert the column on all of the attribute values. The v_attribute_values_name_?_?_? has 3 numbers after it. I supoose I could try that as well. Any ideas on whether what I want to achieve is possible?
  20. The prefix on the price of the attributes.
  21. It's alright I did not realise that I had to add a column v_staus to my attributes download as the Complete had it already there. I got myself mixed up with how it works. Have another question though. Before using EP I had installed Actual prices which removed the prefix. After using EP the prefix has returned so any ideas on how can I remove it?
  22. Sorry! I realise it is a setting in easypopulate.php but what do I do to set the status to active?
  23. Ok in regards to my question further above, yes this new version has sorted it all out!!!!! It works! Thank-you. Have a question though. Why when I upload the file does it turn everthing in my shop to inactive. I have to activate them all again, which is time consuming. What setting did I miss? I downloaded and altered the attributes only. Could that have caused the problem?
  24. At the risk of sounding really stupid I cannot find any reference to a temp directory anywhere! I do not have a directory called catalog neither. I am unable to access any of my files via the admin as I can't work out how to change the permissions. I use FTP and I upload via /www/. OSC was set up via fantastico. So can someone please tell me where this temp file is supposed to be or do I need to create it somewhere?
  25. terrielee

    Problems with AusPost Calculations

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It works!!!! A stupid thing like weight. Although I now have to change the weights in my product listings. But who cares!!!!! Thank you for the taking the time to help me. I greatly appreciate it, especially as I have not had a lot of luck getting help on the forums. Again thank-you!